Friday, January 30, 2009

Something I Dread

Okay. This is sad.

I'm already dreading the flights home.

I don't dread COMING home as much as I did last year. I'll have a new niece (or nephew) to see. I have a bunch of exciting Australian people to research. I'll see family and friends again. I'll have daily Internet.

I'll be sad about leaving Australia. But I don't think I'll be devastated like I was last year.

I really dread the flights though, because they're both at night. I HATE night flights. I've hated them ever since I saw the Stephen King miniseries The Langoliers. Night Flights completely creep me out. I can barely sleep. But when I do finally manage it, I hate waking up to see all these strangers in the dark. And the worst is when everyone else seems to be sleeping except for me. I feel incredibly alone.

Well. I just looked at our flights again. I feel a little better. They both leave in the early evening. People probably won't start sleeping until about halfway through the flight.

All right. It shouldn't be so bad. Last time, we left Japan pretty late at night. I forgot the time exactly. I'm thinking though that it was around nine. That was awful.

Anyway. I guess I'll try to block all that from my mind!