Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Conversations with Jack

Today at breakfast, Jack asked if there could be one thing in Australia that would come to America what would I want it to be? I didn't have to think long about it. I said I'd want my friends.

I asked him what he'd want. He said the Australia Museum.

In the car on the way to the zoo, he announced that he was definitely going to college in Australia. We've mentioned it before, mostly in a joking way. But now he seemed determined and serious.

I told him that was wonderful. We'd follow him there! I then quickly made sure he knew we weren't going to be actually following him INTO college. We'd just live in the same town.

He seemed satisfied with this. He told me he planned to go to school in Canberra.

I said we'll have to learn how to drive on those damn round-a-bouts.

I also told him he didn't have to do this for me. He should do what he wants to do....what makes HIM happy.

He said no. He wants to do this. Why? He wants to be a zookeeper at the National Zoo.

Who knows what the future will bring. He has plenty of time to change his mind. But I love that, for this moment, this is what he wants.


  1. Your Jack is a very wise boy ;) Thank YOU so much for staying in touch ... I'll definiftely catch up again soon when life is back to normal ;) I think of you often ;)

  2. Hi Redness!

    I think he's wise too. Thanks.

    I know you've been through a lot lately.

    I look forward to catching up with you : )

  3. Yay! Jack. By the way Jack and Boo can be zoo-keepers together lol. At this point she plans to be a vet or a zoo-keeper

  4. M+B,

    We gotta get them together! Maybe they can open up their own zoo together!

  5. Maybe he can buy the one here in Tassie and make it into a good zoo as opposed to the crap we had to endure! :-D

    I dreamt we all went to Disneyland together last night. We were in a theaterette type of thing wearing 3d glasses watching a Scooby Doo show! lol Scooby isn't even Disney :-D

  6. Tracey,

    Tassie zoo. Brilliant! I'll suggest it to Jack. It will only be worthwhile though if you guys still live there. Not that you have to stay....you could just return once he gets the zoo open. Ah! Maybe we can make it a family business.

    Tara and Jack can run the whole thing...take care of the animals. We'll work up front. We'll sell tickets and pass out the animal food. Tyrone and Tim can shovel the animal poop. I'm not sure what Molly and Alex should do. Oh! They can work on improving the zoo map!!!

    I am so excited and happy that you dreamed about us. One day we'll have to go to Disney Land together. And maybe your dream is psychic. Maybe Disney is going to buy out the whole Scooby Doo franchise. They buy everything else.....

  7. I can live with Canberra.... it's only a 3.5 hour drive after all.

    Toto decided at age 3 that he was going to be a pilot and now, at age 12, that determination (which has never wavered) is stronger than ever.

    One of my dearest friends has just retired from a career of working in zoos all over the world. She's an ornithologist, and we're hoping that she might be able to consult to Australian zoos in order for her to live in Australia for a while. She's as crazy about our country as you are!


  8. Fe,

    I'm thinking maybe I'll live in Sydney. Then I'll visit Jack every other weekend. He can pick me up at the train station.

    See, I'm already planning it all!

    I think that's so awesome that Toto has kept that desire to be a pilot. I think I remember you or him telling us about that.

    I wonder if he was a pilot in a past life or something. I think it would be rare for a child to hold onto a passion that long.

    Jack....He jumps around a bit. I think he lost interest a bit in the zookeeper thing when I told him how he'll probably have to start at the bottom. And how the bottom will probably include shoveling up animal poop.

    This evening, he mentioned being an inventor.

    The kid changes his mind a lot. I'm hoping that doesn't happen during his adult career. Well, maybe it will and he'll deal with it. The kid might end up being some kind of drifter....

    Awesome about your friend!! Where's she from?