Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jack Loves Australia

Jack told me today, that if we were still in Australia, we could go to Hyde Park. We could go to Wildlife World anytime we wanted.

I asked him if he wanted to live in Australia.

He said yes.

I said that might not be possible. But I said maybe one day we could stay there for a long time. I said next time we travel there, if Tim has to get home, maybe the two of us could stay for awhile.

He liked that idea.

I asked him if he'd rather stay for weeks or months.

He said months.

I asked.... one month or three months?

He said three.

I'm not sure if that's possible. But I'm so glad to hear him say it.

When we got home from our holiday in 2008, he seemed to like Australia but I can't say he was overly enthusiastic about it. He seemed disturbed by my desire to live there.

Now things have changed.

The three month stay IS actually something Tim and I have talked about. I liked the idea. Tim supported it. The only problem was Jack. He didn't seem to like it. Now he likes it. Well, we do have the other major issue. MONEY.

I have Jack behind me. That's one hurdle overcome. Now I just need to win the damn lottery. It would probably help if I actually bought a ticket.

I do make money from this blog. There's hope! In nine months, I've made close to six dollars!

Seriously though. Three months would probably be too long. I'd feel bad keeping Jack from his dad. I know Tim said he'd be okay with it, but I think it would be sort of sad. Okay and yeah. I might miss the guy a little myself....not his snoring though!

But maybe we'd stay a few extra weeks if Tim had to go home early. That would be fun.

OR maybe something wonderful will happen and we'll actually get to move to Australia. You never know.