Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Bit of a Shock

I'm often asked why and/or how I became obsessed with Australia. I have no idea why. I DO know how. But I often avoid answering that question because it's embarrassing.

I actually did write a whole blog post about it once. I guess I was feeling brave the day I wrote it.  Or I was  in a confessing mood.

Basically, I was haunted by dreams about Julian McMahon. Lots and lots of dreams. I've dreamed about celebrities before, but this went way beyond anything I've ever experienced before. The dreams were both intense and frequent.

Since I believe everything must mean something. I figured the dreams were trying to tell me something.

Hell, I'm not going to go through the whole story. Those interested can look at the old post.

Anyway, in the last few months I've had dreams about another soap opera actor. Thaao Penghlis. Now it was only two dreams....MUCH less than the amount of McMahon dreams I've had. But they were both.... I don't know. It's hard to explain, but I felt there was perhaps some kind of message in these dreams as well. Why? Who knows. I'm weird. That's probably good enough explanation.

I didn't know what the message was. I actually tried to just ignore it. It made me kind of sad. I thought the powers-that-be might be trying to tell me that Greece would be my next country to be obsessed with. Why? Thaao Penghlis is a Greek actor. Australian soap opera actors lead me to being obsessed with Australia. Greek soap opera actors must be there to make me start loving Greece.

I didn't like that. I love Australia. I want it to ALWAYS be Australia. I never want to stop loving Australia. I have totally bonded with Australia. I can't break up with Australia and go with Greece. Shit.

I vaguely remember one day mumbling sadly to Tim something like I think we're supposed to go to Greece. I think I wanted him to ask why--you know how some of us do that. We say something and then hope someone asks us for more information. I don't think he did. I think he just acted like it would be a cool idea. Hello? Did you not notice I sound depressed about the idea--like I feel pushed to go when I don't even want to?

Anyway, today I found this website of Australian celebrities. I was using it to come up with people to add to my list. Julian McMahon was I suspected. Thaao Penghlis was too. I sat there completely stunned. I figured it had to be a mistake. I know about this actor. I've watched Days of our Lives since I was a child. I've always known he's Greek. Look at his name for Pete's sake.

I went to talk to Lord Wiki. He said, Yep, the guy is an Aussie. I said, No. Lord Wiki lies quite a lot. I don't trust him. I need confirmation elsewhere.

I want to the official Thaao Penghlis website.

It turns out yes, he's Australian. He does have a Greek heritage. I didn't get things completely wrong. But he was born in Sydney.

What is my deal with dreams about Australian soap opera actors? I don't get it.

And if the purpose of Julian McMahon dreams was to GET me interested in Australia, what the hell is the Thaao Penghlis message?

Is it not a message? Am I just haunted by Australian soap opera stars?

Anyway, here is the two dreams about Penghlis. One was in an old post:

Later, I had a dream within a dream type sequence. I sit at the kitchen table with Tim and another man trying to tell them my dream. The other man is incredibly rude to me. He tells me he doesn't want to hear the dream. He hates hearing dreams. I argue with him, and he says he'll give me a few minutes and that's it. I have no plans of shutting up. I start telling the dream to them. Then I notice that across from all of us is Thaao Penghlis from Days of our Lives. He's listening to my dream and actually seems interested and amused by it.

The other I have to retrieve from my dream journal.....

Here it is:

I realize I'm dreaming. I start flying. I'm excited to be having a lucid dream again, but I start thinking maybe I did have them before but just forgot before waking up. I feel bad for leaving Jack. A part of me wants him to catch up with me and a part of me likes being alone. There's a big screen with Thaao Penghlis talking. He mentions Tony so I'm guessing he's Andre. I feel that maybe the show has a message for me and I should stop and watch it. Instead I keep flying and flying.

Anyway, I feel kind of stupid posting this. I feel people will read it and think what the hell is the big deal? It's meaningless and silly.

But for some reason, it feels like a big deal to me. I don't know why.

A few years ago, I kept trying to tell myself the Julian McMahon dreams were nothing.  No big deal. And look where I am now. I can name most of the Australian Prime Ministers....well, at least 50% of them.

I have two whole bookcases of Australian books.

Most of my friends are now Australian...or live in Australia.

My child can name all the state capitals of Australia.

Thank you, Julian McMahon.

No seriously....Thank you.

This has been fun.