Saturday, August 29, 2009

In the Footsteps of Thomas Austin

Another dream post. I put the word dream in bold so people don't mistake this for my real life. Did I ever tell you the story of my brother-in-law? Well, if I's a rerun. We were at the lake house. Judd mentioned that I'm not always honest in my posts. I got defensive. No, I AM honest. I don't make things up. I don't exaggerate. If I'm not sure of something, I'll say something like I think this is what happened...or I vaguely remember.

Judd looked at me unconvinced. He mentioned my recent meeting with agents. I was totally confused. Agents? When the hell did I meet with agents? Then I realized he was talking about my DREAM post. He read it and thought it was real....or I guess he thought I was making stuff up.

So anyway, here are my dreams. These events did NOT happen in the real world.

1. We're in NYC. It's morning. Tim and I are at a restaurant with some people. I had told him not to order a lot of food because I want to go out for a nice lunch. I want something special, but I'm not sure what it is that I want. I look over at Tim and see he has a bunch of food. It's like pub food...a bunch of fried stuff. I scold him. He assures me that we can still go to lunch. I tell him I don't want him to sit there at the restaurant watching me eat.

Then later I think I'm alone. I realize what I what. I want to go to Nolita. That's where Little Australia is supposed to be. I want to go to an Australian restaurant. I want to see the Australian stores. It's our last day in NYC, and I get this idea that, no matter what, I'm going to go there. Even if I have to walk there alone, I'm going to do it.
I feel like I've been having dreams lately where we have one day left in our holiday and there's stuff I want to do. The other night I dreamed stuff like that involving my friend Tracey and I both being in Sydney together.

It kind of happened in real life. When we were in Australia, Tim and I were both exhausted at the end. I couldn't believe it, but I actually kind of wanted to go home. I wanted to REST. But then our last evening there, I suddenly had this feeling that we didn't do enough. I felt there was too much stuff we had missed.

2. I'm on the Manly Ferry. I sit next to a child and her guardian. There's this thing that's now done. You have to report to the ferry officials where you've gone while in Manly. They then publish the information, and hand a list booklet out to everyone who rides the ferry. I look at the booklet and see my seat companions have gone to a pediatrician. I think I mention this to them, making friendly conversation.

I think about how it would be hard to call a pediatrician in Australia. I'm so bad on the phone, and they probably wouldn't understand my American accent. I'd be embarrassed. I start to think maybe I DON'T ever want to be an expat.

I dreamed this because I had planned to call and make an appointment for Jack's yearly check-up. For some reason, I HATE making appointments. I hate making any phone call, but appointments are the worse. I dread it. I totally procrastinate. Anyway, when I woke up, I got it done. I feel relieved now.

3. I am in a America. I hear birds from the window. The sound is exotic, yet familiar. I get excited. I go to the window and see parrots. There are cockateils and rainbow lorikeets. It's wonderful to see them wild and free. I love the idea that there are parrots in America. But I know it's not right. I know it shouldn't be like this. I know they're free because someone made a mistake. Still.... I can't help loving it. I start to rationalize my happiness. Yeah...introducing foreign animals to an environment can cause massive ecological damage. Maybe this one will work out though.

It's bad enough that I enjoy this potential ecological disaster. But I also decide to I want to feed the birds. One approaches me and I give it a raisin. I'm not sure if that's good food for a bird, so I get some bread instead.

Then I'm in a pet store like environment. There's a big container of bird seed. I talk to a man about the parrot situation. He talks about how it's very bad. I listen and hide the fact that I'm excited about the parrots flying free and wild. I sheepishly put away my piece of bread though.

4. This is a bit confusing. In the next dream.... I am a character. I'm a woman. But it's like the whole thing is a story. And although I'm this woman, I'm also an outside observer. This outside observer knows things that the woman is oblivious to. It's like the story is both in first person and third person omniscient.

In the family is other people. We're supposed to be at a camp, but it doesn't look like a camp. It reminds me of the Manly ferry terminal. That's what it looked like, and that's what it felt like.

There's a good guy...a hero He might be played by Keanu Reeves. (Or at least I get a Keanu Reeves type aura) Then there's a bad guy. My character doesn't suspect that he's the killer, but the third person omniscient part of me knows that he is.

The guy kills psychics.  He pretends he wants a reading. Then he murders them.

He plans to murder my character. (I don't think it's because she's psychic. I think she did something to annoy or offend him) He's friendly towards her, but in this mean way. It's like he's making fun of her, but she doesn't realize it. He draws an offensive picture of her, but she doesn't seem to know it's supposed to be mean.

At one point, the hero man mentions that Friday the 13th was filmed here. It's like a warning though--as if it wasn't a movie filmed here, but something that truly happened. I'm nervous for Jack's safety.

Then it's like the story skips ahead without me. I miss a huge chunk. When it comes back, it's no longer something that's happening. Instead, I'm watching it. Maybe on TV? My character is in a hotel room with the bad guy. There's idea that the good guys are close to rescuing her. But then the bad guy shoots or stabs the woman. Her shirt is covered in blood. She then lies on the bed, dying. She looks totally surprised. I'm surprised too. I didn't expect the main character to be killed off like that.

Then the woman's sister appears. She's played by Alyssa Milano. It ends up the main character WASN'T injured. She's fine. Alyssa Milano just had a bloody nose. The blood got on her sister's chest.

All is well.

I can't give my own imagination credit for that plot twist. I think I read something recently like that....or saw it on TV. Someone thinks they are injured, but it ends up being someone else's blood.