Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Melissa George

Melissa George.

I know she's an actress.

She's one of those people that I had heard of but didn't realize they were Australian.

I THINK what happened is this: I flipped through channels and came across a movie. Melissa George was listed as being in it. Her name sounded familiar. I went to the computer to look it up and I realized she starred in a show I like. In Treatment. And then I also learned that she was Australian. I was quite surprised.

I watch In Treatment rather sporadically. I see an episode here and there.... I'm not quite sure who Melissa George played. I know she was in the first season, but I'm not sure if she was in the second season as well. I'm thinking MAYBE she played the girl that Gabriel's Byrne's character fell in love with. Was her name maybe Laura?

Anyway, I shall start my research. I don't know much about this woman.....

Baby Melissa was born on 6 August 1976. Her birthday is in a few days!

She's a Leo. I know that.

Now I shall consult the birthday website to find out her numerology number.

She's a Tim and Bud Tingwell.

I'm actually a bit distracted right now. I'm having Facebook issues. You know, I got back into the whole thing...but SLOWLY. I utilized the privacy tools. I had it so only friends-of-friends could search for my name. I don't want random people adding me just so they can have a huge friend's list and look popular. I also don't want to deal with people who add on friends so they have more people to give gifts too. For those not familiar with Facebook gifting...the more gifts you send, the more gifts you unlock. People get really obsessed with this. They add strangers as a friend and send them multiple gifts a day.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I decided to be brave. I undid the privacy thing so ANYONE can search for me. I've already had names I don't recognize add me as a friend. I get all confused because I fear maybe I DO/DID know them and my brain is rudely forgetting them.

I really don't know what to do. I feel bad just rejecting people. Why? I met one of my best friends through Facebook. She added me rather randomly...saw my picture and thought I looked nice. I believe you CAN meet friends through the Internet. I've met ALL of my friends via the Internet. But I just don't want to be padding for someone's overinflated friend's list. And it's hard to distinguish between people like that, and people who TRULY want to reach out and make new friends.

I really don't know what to do.

I'm lost.

I'm neglecting Melissa George.

Sorry, Melissa George.

Let's get back to her.

She was born in Perth. Her mom was a nurse. Her dad was a construction worker.

She had three siblings.

She took dance lessons as a child.

As a young teen, she got really into roller skating. Well, that's pretty different. This was in the late eighties and nineties. Was roller skating very popular then? I remember it being popular when I was young...late seventies and early eighties. I remember Saturday trips to the roller rink with my older sister, and roller skating birthday parties. Our house in Madison had a basement. I remember rollerskating down there.

George did modeling in her early teens. In 1992 she won the honor of being Western Australia's teenage model of the year.

Then she got cast in Home and Away. Is there a law that says all Australian actors must appear on that show?

George played a teenage runaway. She became part of one of those super couple things. Sadly her man died. He was in a motorcycle accident. He needed a splenectomy. I guess something went wrong and the surgery caused complications. George's character was left widowed and pregnant.

Lord Wiki says that although the couple loved each other on the show, in real life they didn't get along.

I wonder why.

George did Home and Away for three years. Then she left and posed nude in Australian Playboy. I wonder why she did that. It fascinates me. I doubt it was about money. Wouldn't she have some left from Home and Away? Did she want to express her sexuality? Distance herself from her Home and Away character?

In 1996 and 1997, she kept herself busy. She did a fitness video. She came out with her own line of pajamas, and she appeared in that Roar show with Heath Ledger.

Then she decided to go the American route. She moved to Los Angeles.

She had some small parts in some movies. Maybe we'll look at those later on IMDb.

She starred in a Wizard of Oz show pilot that never aired. Lord Wiki says it's on YouTube though. I'll go check it out.

Never mind. I can't find it.

In 2001, she was in a short-lived show called Thieves.

YouTube does have clips from that.

I'm guessing the blond chick is Melissa George. What kind of accent is that? It doesn't sound American. Maybe Australian? I can't tell. I need to listen more.

Okay. It is Australian. I think?

This show looks boring to me.

She was in Charmed--for the sixth season premiere. I forgot what season that was. Is that the one with Chris?

Okay. Yeah it is. I'm guessing George played one of those warrior women.

In 2003, George got a role in Alias. It seems that was fairly significant.

She played Rachel's nanny on Friends. I don't remember that. I don't remember Rachel having a nanny.

She worked with Jennifer Aniston again in that movie Derailed.

I guess she kept up an interest in roller skating. In 2007, she became ambassador for the 52nd World Artistic Roller Skating Championships.

She did In Treatment. She was on Grey's Anatomy, the show that makes me feel a bit left out because everyone (but me) seems to watch it.

Melissa George lives in Los Angeles. She became a US citizen, but she's still Australian as well. She's married. She met her husband in Bali.

I'm going to look at IMDb now. First I'll read the trivia stuff.

She has a teenage stepdaughter. I wonder if they get along okay.

She has been married for almost nine years.

She dropped out of high school when she was sixteen.

She went to Warwick Senior High School. Their website isn't working at the moment.

Now I'll look at her filmography. I'll combine that with trips to YouTube.

IMDb says she was in only nine episodes of Home and Away. There must be some mistake. How can you be part of a super couple if you've only been in nine episodes?

Here's a scene from Home and Away.  I think it's where the poor girl loses her husband.

I think Lord Wiki was wrong. She wasn't widowed and pregnant. They already have a cute little kid. Or maybe I misread Lord Wiki. I suppose she could be pregnant with a second child?

This is a very sad scene. Australian soap operas do good with the really depressing traumatic death scenes.

I think Lord Wiki got the reasons for his death wrong as well. He didn't die from surgery complications. He died because he got a cut on his hand and didn't take care of it. Shit. Now I'm going to be totally paranoid about that. There was an episode of Little House on the Prairie with the same kind of thing. Ma cuts her leg, and it gets all horribly infected.

In 1998, George was in the movie Dark City. I vaguely remember that. Kiefer Sutherland was in it. It's a science fiction thing. I don't remember much about it. I think I saw it with Tim though, and I kind of remember us liking it.

I'm reading Lord Wiki's entry on it. I read the plot and started thinking it reminds me of The Matrix.

Then I read further down and Lord Wiki talks about it being compared to The Matrix.

I'll watch a trailer of the movie. Maybe it will refresh my memory a bit.

There's an actor in it who looks so familiar to me. I have to find out who he is.

Here's a scene from the movie. I think Melissa George is in it.

Rufus Sewell. That's the guy that looks familiar to me. He was in The Holiday. Oh yeah! He's the asshole that Kate Winslet has the long-time crush on.

I'm reading the trivia for the movie. Some of the sets were reused for The Matrix. I'm guessing that Dark City, like The Matrix, was filmed in Australia.

The movie deals with a philosophy called Last Thursdayism. The idea is God has tricked us. The world is not as old as we think. God created a false history. That's an interesting concept.

Here's a funny website about it.

I think other movies have dealt with ideas like this.  False memories. Wasn't there one with Arnold Scwarzenegger?

I should probably move onto another movie.

Here's The Limey. It looks like the kind of thing my mom and dad would love. Crime drama thriller. Yeah, that's totally their thing.

I'll watch the trailer.

Maybe it's not my parent's thing. It looks a little too....stylish? It could be just the trailer though.

What I know for sure is it doesn't look like something I'd want to watch.

Melissa George was featured in five out of thirteen episodes of Roar. It was an American show, but filmed in Queensland.

In 2001, George was in an American comedy about teenage pregnancy called Sugar and Spice.

Here's a trailer for it.

In my opinion, it looks pretty dumb.

George had a small role in the Naomi Watts movie, Mulholland Dr.

Thieves also came out that year. I guess 2001 was a big year for her. The premise of the show is that George and John Stamos are professional thieves hired by the FBI to catch other thieves.

She was in two episodes of Friends. I'll try to find clips on YouTube.

Here's one of the episodes. I'm not sure if this clip features the nanny.

There's two blonds at the end of this clip. Maybe one of them is George?

I'll watch the next part.

Ah! Here's our nanny. She comes in at 2:26.

Her American accent is...uh, different?

She did twenty-three episodes of Alias. Here's a little fan montage of her scenes.

In 2005, George was in the remake of the Amityville Horror. I wonder if it's any good. I might have seen a few scenes from it. I can't remember. I watched some of the original movie several weeks ago.

Here's a scene from the movie.

And here's a Good Morning America segment about the real-life characters from the story.

They say the house had hundreds of flies. Yikes.

There was green slime.....

Mr. Lutz says people often ask why they stayed so long. I think that's the question I ask when I see movies about haunted houses. I think the answer may be that we often dismiss weird stuff. And moving is a pain in the ass. I think something REALLY scary has to happen before people scoot their asses out of there.

The Good Morning America Man really puts James Brolin on the spot here. He asks him, right in front of the Lutz couple, if he believes them. Brolin says he didn't really believe the book when reading it, but while sitting with the couple, he does feel compelled to believe. I wonder if he's just trying to be nice.

I guess the big question is...did they make it up in order to get money from the book, movie, etc?

I believe in haunted houses.

I also believe in scam artists.

So....I really don't know.

In 2007, George was in 30 Days of Night. I think that's the movie I saw while flipping channels. Yeah. It was. I remember now. Vampires in Alaska. Cool premise. See because there are places in Alaska where there really is no day. Get it?

Here's the trailer. That looks pretty good. I like vampire stuff.

I'm looking at In Treatment now. George played Laura. I was right.

Here's a scene.

This is good stuff. I really like this show.

The scene deals with people who fall in love because they want to rescue each other. She doesn't want the psychiatrist to be her IDEAL man. She wants him to be a damaged man that she can save.

I've been attracted to people for that reason, and I've had people attracted to me for that reason.

I think for me it's a fear of people who are too "perfect". I feel more comfortable with people who have obvious faults.

The good news is EVERYONE is damaged. So it aint hard to find these people.

I once knew someone who was looking for an emotionally healthy and mature woman. He can search all his life. I am pretty sure it doesn't exist. And he was so emotionally messed up himself. I'm not sure why he felt he deserved this imagined perfect woman.

I have never in my life met someone who is that emotionally healthy. I've met two types of people in my life; those who admit to having emotional problems and those who deny it. The second group doesn't fool me.

George did eight episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

Here's a scene with her in it. It features a broken penis. Ouch. Lord Wiki says it's a rare injury. That's good.

It seems there was a possibility of a lesbian romance between George's character and someone else. I'm not sure if anything happened beyond flirting. And then Lord Wiki says George decided not to come back to the show.

She's going to be in an upcoming movie called Triangle. I think it's about the Bermuda Triangle.

She's going to be a voice in a video game called Edge of Twilight.

And it seems she's going to be in the sequel to 30 days of Night.

Here is the official Melissa George website.

In a way, I think she's too beautiful. That's probably a weird thing to say. She seems almost unreal. I can't explain it.

I should have just come here first. It has a bunch of her movie clips.

There's a Amityville Horror scene with the kid on the roof. It reminds me of nightmares I have about Jack. He's in danger, but cheerful about it. I'm terrified. The awful thing happens, and then I wake up.

Well, THAT'S a pretty intense scene.

I'm going to read her bio stuff now.

George was in a show called Turistas. She did her role in Portuguese. I wonder if she knows the language or just memorized the lines...kind of like how that guy in Lost does Korean.

Oh! Turistas is that horror movie...people stranded in Brazil. I think I've heard of it.

The film clip page has some clips from it.

She speaks English in it sometimes.

Her website makes Triangle seem more like a story of dissociative personality disorder. IMDb makes it sound like a disaster film. Maybe it's both?

The website has an interview. It was done by the webmaster himself (herself?). She/he talked to George on the phone.

Well, it's a he. I see now. He's Henry.

In Alias, she's supposed to have a British accent.

She says she has a mixed-up accent. I think that's what I have. I have a mixed-up brain as well.

George says she has picked up some of her husband's Chilean accent. I think this is what I do. I pick up accents. But it's never perfect. I often speak with a mix-match of various accents I've heard lately.

She loves America. Well, I guess that would make sense. She did get citizenship.

She keeps up with one of her co-stars of Now and Away....Laura Vasquez. How sweet.

George really likes Victor Garber. I like him too. He's awesome.

She liked working with the Charmed Girls. Well, she says positive things about Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano. She doesn't mention Holly Marie Combs. What's up with that?

Her idolized actresses are Jessica Lange, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett, and Nicole Kidman.

She doesn't have very nice things to say about her Now and Away husband. She says he wasn't respectful. I wonder what that means.

Before she became an actress, George wanted to be a vet.

Now here's another interview. It was done two months after the first.

She redecorates her house a lot.

I don't. I'm very lazy about that.

One of her wishes is to be able to speak fluent Spanish. That's a nice wish. I mean I think it's attainable. Probably? It would take a lot of work though.

George was upset by an article in a women's magazine in America called "Most Hated Women on American Television". They listed her as one of the hated people. George was angry with the writer and editor. She says without a public apology she won't do anything with that magazine again. What offends her is that her SELF was targeted rather than the character. Did the magazine mean to do that, or did George take it too seriously? I guess I'd have to read it and see for myself.

She's an eBay fan. I don't spend much time on there. I never remember my password. Or maybe it was my screenname I kept forgetting.

She likes Tokyo. I'm not a big Japan fan.

Henry asks George if she's read Harry Potter. She says no. He convinces her to read them, and she says she will. I wonder if she ever did.

Fast forward nine months. We have another interview. These interviews are all from 2003-2005. I wonder if I'll be able to find something more recent.

The historical figure she'd most like to meet is Mohammad Ali. That's different...interesting.

Her guilty pleasures are shopping, Indian food, and chocolate. I don't much like shopping, but I love the other two. Chocolate is probably my favorite of the three.

Here's the 2005 interview. Henry's actually not asking all the questions. I think it's one of those things where people send in questions. Then Henry passes them on to Melissa.

She believes in the Amityville horror stuff, but thinks some of it might have been exaggerated. She doesn't know why else people would abandon their home and their belongings. I don't know. If you believed you could sell your story, make tons of money, and buy new belongings....

I'm not saying I think they're lying.

I just like to look at both possibilities.

George is asked if spooky things happened during the movie. She says the real Kathy Lutz died while they were filming the movie. She's the one who actually lived in the haunted house.

One night, George woke up at 3:15 in the morning. This is significant for some reason. I guess characters in the movie wake up at that time. Oh. Okay. Lord Wiki says that Mr. Lutz would wake up every morning at this time. And it's later discovered that this is when the old murders took place.

I wake up at 3 am a lot. But I don't think I wake up at 3:15. In the movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, they say there is something scary about this time. It freaks me out a bit.

I just consulted Lord Wiki. He says the Witching Hour is between midnight and three am. I bet THAT'S the time period where you're now supposed to feed the mogwais! I always wondered what was meant by Never feed them after midnight. I didn't understand when after midnight ended. When the hell can you start feeding them again?

I bet if you wait until 4 am, you're okay.

From what I'm seeing on Google, 3 am is the main scary time. I wonder if it's when we're most likely to have nightmares.

Here's a short article about Triangle. It seems more of a disaster thriller, than a dissociative personality thing. There's a trailer here. The movie looks good. It features an empty abandoned cruise ship.

Ah! Now I see why I got confused. There is a multiple aspect to the whole thing.

This article is a bit disturbing. It talks about how gay storylines on Grey's Anatomy have been cut or kind of phased out. I wonder why. And on another ABC show, Ugly Betty, an actress who plays a gay character was demoted.

What's going on?

The writer of the article says, Could this be a new trend with the network, or is it a solely creative decision that we should try to understand?

I don't know.

Anyway, I think this is it for me today.


  1. I coincidentally stumbled across this funny ramble on Melissa George's birthday..
    Yeah, she is very attractive and her mixed up accent only adds to that for me :P

  2. Kevtp,

    I'm glad there are people out there who like mixed-up accents!