Sunday, September 6, 2009

Emilie de Ravin

Lost girl!

I think Emilie de Ravin is one of those most beautiful woman ever.   I might have even had a little bit of a girl-crush on her.

I like the character she plays on Lost...Claire. She's one of my favorites.

My love for Lost though, in general, has greatly died down. Why? True Blood. I was really into Lost a few months ago. I hated the idea of having to wait and see the next season. I was so eager to see what happens next. Now my heart is elsewhere.

Maybe writing this post will bring back that loving feeling. I'm going to TRY not to talk too much about the plot of Lost though. I figure there might be people out there who are a season or five behind.

Anyway, I don't know much about Emilie de Ravin. She's in Lost. She was in the remake of Carrie. She was also one of the stars of Roswell. I'm embarrassed to admit I've also absorbed some celebrity gossip stuff. I remember reading that she got a divorce. I also think maybe I read that she doesn't live in Hawaii where Lost is filmed. She flies out from California. I personally think that's a bit nuts. Why would someone want to live in California over Hawaii? Who would not want to live in Hawaii? Actually, maybe we wouldn't, because I've heard it's not very homeschooling friendly. But really? Who needs homeschooling when school kids sit at desks made of coconuts and palm trees? And I bet the kids hardly even sit at those desks. They're busy swimming with dolphins and making sandcastles. Right?

I shall start my research.

Baby Emilie was born on 27 December 1981. That's the day after Boxing Day. I think she'd be an Aquarius. No wait. She'd be a Capricorn. My niece was born at the end of December, and that's what she is.

The birthday website says she's a 4, but they ignore the master numbers. I'll have to do my own calculations to make sure she's not a 22....

Nope. She's a 4. Jack's a 4 too, but he doesn't act like a 4. I think he was born on the wrong day. The doctor chose the wrong day to induce me....that's my interpretation.

Baby Emilie was born in Victoria...a town called Mount Eliza. It's about an hour south of Melbourne...not directly south though because then it would be in the ocean. It's a little to the east. Lord Wiki says it's an outer suburb of Melbourne. I guess it's close enough to count as being a suburb rather than a separate town.

Ravin has some French ancestry. Her last name is French.

Oh! Awesome. She was homeschooled! Lord Wiki doesn't say when the homeschooling began. I'm guessing maybe they started early. Lord Wiki doesn't mention any schools for her until she's fifteen. Then she went to the Australia Ballet School. Although I'm not sure if that's a regular full-time school, or just for ballet. She did ballet before that; starting at age nine. She went to the Christa Cameron School of Ballet. Did she not do any earlier lessons? If she didn't, that's a good lesson for parents who insist their children must start lessons at a very early age. Parents these days want to push their kids into stuff so early. If we don't start swimming lessons when he's six-months old, he'll never get into the Olympics!

I'm looking at the Australian Ballet School website. They are a full-time school. They provide both academics and dance training.

Yesterday Jack announced that he might want to go to high school. I almost opened my mouth and said something like How are you going to do that when you don't even want to take CLASSES? He doesn't even want to do extracurricular lessons right now. I stopped myself from saying that. Maybe he understands that he'll feel differently when he's older. It's like he wants to get married and have a child someday, but he definitely doesn't want that right now.

MAYBE he'll go to a boarding Australia! Of course I can't be a whole continent away from him. So, we'll have to ALL move to Australia.

Ravin did ballet. She also took acting lessons at the same place that Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette, Judy Davis, and Hugo Weaving did their lessons.

I'm going to skip the career stuff. I'll look at that on IMDb.

As for personal stuff.... It's pretty much what I said earlier. She did fly back to California every week to be with her husband. It seems she missed her poodle as well. They got married on 19 June. That's close to our anniversary. We got married on the 20th.

The loveliness didn't last long between the couple. It seems they separated six months after the wedding. They didn't file for divorce until recently though.

Okay, that's it for Lord Wiki.

Now I shall go to IMDb.

Her first TV appearance was in the year 2000. She did eight episodes of The BeastMaster. I never saw the TV Show. I'm assuming it's based on the movie with Marc Singer. I did see THAT. I used to have a crush on Marc Singer.

The show was filmed in Queensland Australia. The two main stars are Australian. I guess it was an Australian show for the most part. The original movie was American.

Here's some scenes from the show.

That's a pretty lion.

What's the deal with the accents? Are they trying to sound American? They don't exactly sound Australian. They're saying their r's in an American way....or maybe Canadian. I think Canadians sound like us.

Ravin seems to actually emphasize the American-sounding R. There's another woman around 5:30 who sounds more Australian. I don't if her character has different origins, or if the actress wasn't as good at hiding her Australian accent.

Yesterday I watched a video of Australian kids doing an American play. It was surreal. Some of their accents were spot on. I couldn't help but imagine that they flew in some Americans to be in their play. Other people were a bit off. They sounded neither American nor Australian. It's like their characters came from a new land I've never heard of.

All right. Next TV show. We have Roswell. Ravin was in this show in 2001 and 2002. Roswell is one of those shows I feel I'd love, but never got around to watching it.

Ravin was in twenty-eight episodes. I'm guessing she was in one out of three of the seasons. I'm reading the plot of the show. You know what it reminds me of. Escape From Witch Mountain! We watched some of that the other night. I think we pretty much just wanted to show Jack the awesome playroom.

Anyway, both Roswell and Escape From Witch Mountain are about alien kids with powers who are stuck on earth.

The trivia page for Roswell says that Heath Ledger auditioned for the show.

Tom Hank's son was one of the stars of the show.

Roswell was filmed in Los Angeles. I'm guessing that means Ravin moved to America at this point. She would have been about nineteen or twenty.

Here is a video of Ravin auditioning for the show. I think it's fun to watch audition tapes.

The Carrie remake came out in 2002. It was a TV movie thing. I remember seeing part of it. Ravin played Chris Hargensen. In the original movie, this character was played by Nancy Allen. Nancy Allen was in Poltergeist III which starred Heather O'Rourke. Heather O'Rourke had the same birthday as Emilie de Ravin. That's probably meaningless trivia, but I'm reporting it anyway.

Here's the trailer for the movie. I think it's a great story. Kudos to Stephen King. I think he's one of the most underrated super famous people.

Ravin plays a mean girl in the movie....popular and bitchy. The funny thing is the trailer has her using homeschooling as an insult. She refers to Carrie, and says something like shouldn't people like that be homeschooled?

The girl who plays Carrie looks so familiar to me....I mean besides being in Carrie. I don't see anything I've seen in her filmography though. This has happened to me before. When I saw the Birdcage, I thought Calista Flockhart looked SO familar. I couldn't figure out where she was from, but then LATER she was in Ally McBeal. When I saw Mean Girls, Amanda Seyfried looked VERY familar to me. But I hadn't seen in her anything before. Then she ended up being in Mamma Mia which is now my favorite movie. It could be nothing. Or it could be that I'm having some kind of psychic thing. Most of my psychic experiences involve TV shows or movies. If I have a psychic seems to be very superficial.

In 2003 and 2004, Ravin did some guest spots on various TV shows. I'm not going to get into that.

In 2005, she was in a movie called Brick. It was a mystery-drama thing. Emily plays a murder victim, but I suppose flashbacks keep her on screen.

Lucas Haas is in the movie. That's funny, because one of my silly psychic TV experiences involved him. One day the song from Lady in White popped into my head. Do you remember that song?
Did you ever see a dream dancing? Well, I did....
Did you ever see a dream romancing? Well, I did....

That song came into my head, and wouldn't come out. I looked up Lady in White (not sure if Google was around back then). This got me into one of my let's-stalk-former-child-stars moods. I looked up Lucas Haas. It turned out he was going to be in the new season of 24. I think it was going to be on that night....or maybe the next. That was one of Tim's favorite shows, but he hadn't known it was going to be on. If I hadn't told him, he might have forgotten to tape it. So, it's like I had this psychic experience just so Tim wouldn't miss one of his favorite shows.

Anyway, back to Brick. Here's the trailer.

The movie was well-liked it seems. It won various awards.

Also in 2005, Ravin was in some kind of Santa Claus comedy-horror movie. Santa's Slay. The premise sounds amusing. Santa Claus is really the son of the devil. He lost a bet with an angel. His punishment was that he had to spend a thousand years as Santa. His time as Father Christmas is up though. He decides to go around killing people.

Here's the trailer. It looks pretty silly.

In 2006, Ravin was in The Hills Have Eyes. I think that's a remake too. Wasn't the original a Wes Craven thing?

Like Roswell, this story takes place in New Mexico. And it also involves government secrets.

The movie was filmed in Morocco. Roswell was filmed in California. Why didn't they film these things in New Mexico. Maybe the American government has strict rules about filming in New Mexico. I wonder why. (insert Twilight Zone music here)

Here's the trailer for the movie. Yikes. Tim and I have been talking about doing a road trip through New Mexico. We had better be careful!

Ah! Lost started BEFORE all these movie rolls. I got the chronology a bit confused. I'll blame IMDb for that. Ravin started on Lost in 2004.

In this show, Ravin actually plays an Australian character. She's a pregnant woman who plans to come to Los Angeles to give her baby up for adoption. That's why she's on the flight that crashes in the middle of..... I better not say. Well, mostly because I don't really know, and the little I do know, I should keep to myself.

My gripe with Lost is that I don't think the writers have any real plans. I think they're writing as they go along. There are two reasons I feel this way.

A) The writers are big fans of Stephen King. Stephen King doesn't do outlines for his books. He just writes and the story comes out. In my opinion, this works out GREAT for him. I think it's different with a TV series though. If you do it with a show like Lost, I think we will end up with lose ends and contradictions. We shall see.....

B) There's casting stuff. For example, Michael Emerson was supposed to be a guest star....just in a few episodes. Now he's one of the main stars. A lot of the plot actually centers around this guy. This shows they really had no clear vision of the end, of the series, when they started it.

I once spent some time watching a bunch of Lost audition tapes. They're on YouTube. It's fascinating. So many characters were changed after the auditions. And it's funny to see what the actors originally auditioned for. If I remember correctly, Jack and Hurley both originally auditioned for Sawyer. Charlie was supposed to be an older guy. Sawyer wasn't supposed to be southern. And from what I see here, Claire was originally supposed to be a surrogate mother rather than one who accidentally got pregnant.

In the tape, Ravin says I was actually kind of pissed that he liked her. Doesn't pissed mean drunk in Australia?

Here's Hurley being Sawyer.  Funny! In one this version of Sawyer says I can be the nice guy if you want. That line is quite fitting! I think he does much better as the nice guy.

And here's Jack as Sawyer.

Ravin has been in some recent movies.

In 2008, she was in Ball Don't Lie. I guess it's a sports movie.

In April she was in a TV movie called High Noon. Is that related to the classic movie?

It's about a hostage negotiator who is also a mom. It's based on a novel by Nora Roberts. I shouldn't be surprised. It sounds like something Roberts would write.

Here's a clip about the movie...or maybe it's a clip FROM the movie. The guy in that played Paige's boyfriend in Charmed.

It looks like Ravin has a role in Public Enemies. That's the movie with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. I didn't realize that came out already. I have no idea what it's about. Ravin is low in the credits. I am guessing her role is small, but it could be listed in order of appearance.

Here's the trailer of the film. It doesn't look like my type of thing. Ravin isn't in the trailer...from what I see. I'm guessing this means her role IS small.

Ravin is going to be in five upcoming movies. One of them is that cartoon starring lots of Australian people.

One movie she's in stars Robert Pattinson and Pierce Bronson. That's significant to me because I watched both of their movies on the airplane during our Australia holiday.

Now I'm going to read the trivia page for Ravin.

She's shorter than me.

She lasted at the ballet school for only year. Then she dropped out and went to acting school instead.

She auditioned for Roswell while still working on Beastmaster. When she got the role, they had to write her out of Beastmaster.

She has two dogs.

She has two older sisters.

Her husband (soon to be ex) is American....from Wisconsin. I lived there for awhile. I loved it.

In three things she's been in, Ravin has played a pregnant woman. Interesting.

Her great-great grandparents came to Australia from France.

She's good friends with one of the co-stars of Lost. Maggie Grace. Grace played what's her name......Shannon.

Ravin likes to garden.

She's allergic to peanuts. That scares me. I think I'd be so anxious if I had that....or even worse...if Jack had that.

She likes Audrey Hepburn.

She says she's a homebody. I'd say she's that to an extreme degree. She goes all the way from Hawaii to California so she can be home.

Here's a fan site. They have some biography stuff. I didn't find anything new and exciting there. The trivia page might be more fun.

They say that she was originally not supposed to be a regular on Lost.

Her favorite TV show is Friends.

Her two sisters are MUCH older than she is.

The website has Emilie de Ravin quotes.

I love well-done horror movies. I do too. I don't like them as much as I used to. I was a horror fan in my teens.

This is how she feels about Hawaii:  

The pros are it’s probably one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen and the people are so nice. It’s a very relaxed, nice atmosphere there. We’re so lucky to be able to shoot there. As for the con I personally decide to travel back and forth – I don’t live there and so I split my time, when I’m working I’m there and when I’m not I’m in L.A. So, the flight gets a little tedious after a while, but then again I make sure I utilize that time to either read or sleep with no cell phone. So, it’s kind of nice in a weird way. The airports are the thing I hate. I hate going to the airports – especially LAX.

Yeah. I'm sorry. I think she's least in that regards.

I don't know. Maybe she stayed in Los Angeles because she feels she'll get more jobs that way. That could be it. Plus, her husband was an actor. He might have needed to stay there to find work. How much work can you find in Hawaii?

She loves her mom, and misses her family in Australia. There were quotes about that, but I'm just going to paraphrase.

Here is Ravin on Ellen.

Most of the interview is about sponges. Apparently, American sponges suck compared to Australian ones. The next time we go to Australia, we'll pick up some sponges. We can give them to people as souvenirs.

Ravin says she originally thought the premise of Lost was purgatory. She says the writers hear all these premises and say no, that's not it. Tim and I have a theory. We think the writers go online and read all the theories out there on fan sites and message boards. Then by reading those, they get ideas for the show. I think WE, the viewers, are the ones who are truly writing Lost.

It's like this game where we play with my family. We go around the table and ask a question. A lot of the times, the questions will be personal. What's my favorite hobby? What's my dream job? Everyone will come up with answers. Then the person asking the question will say something like I actually had no idea. I wanted you guys to give me ideas.

Here's Ravin on Craig Ferguson.

They share some good lines about spam, the food not email. Emilie de Ravin doesn't like it even though she's never tried it. I'm the same way. That stuff just LOOKS gross.

I like Ferguson. I should watch him more often. I don't think I've seen his show before. He's funny. And of course, I love the accent.

They make The Hills Have Eyes sound like a good movie. Ferguson points out that it's based on a true story. There was an old Scottish clan called Sawney Bean. They killed over a thousand people. Although Lord Wiki seems to be saying it might just be a legend. I'm not sure.....

Here's her interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Ravin talks about marriage because she's newly married in this interview. She talks about how these days marriage really doesn't make a big difference in your life. In the past, marriage WAS a big step. People didn't live together before the wedding. They didn't have sex.

I agree with all that. What is the big deal about being married these days? That's why I care more about legal gay partnerships than I do about marriage. I do believe gay people should be able to get married....just because to prevent them from doing so is discrimination. But I don't quite understand WHY they want to be married. I also don't understand why the hell people want to eat Spam or drink beer. I wouldn't stop them from doing it though.

She makes light of DUI's. I don't like that. She even sort of infers that she drinks and drives. Not good. Although maybe I'm misunderstanding her.

Uh...if you go to the link to watch the interview, turn it off before the last ten seconds. The video makes an AWFUL noise.

Here's a short interview with Ravin at the Emmy's. I accidentally wrote enemies instead of Emmy's. That could be quite the Freudian slip.

I'm not finding anything else about Ravin being homeschooled. Maybe Lord Wiki made that up.

Anyway, I think I'm done for today.


  1. That inbetween Aussie/ American accent is probably what my kids have-- it's ridiculously cute.

    And btw, I've never noticed a superior sponge in Australia-- they seem to be identical??

  2. Laura,

    Cute about the accent.

    I don't know about the sponges. Maybe she's just trying to make us Americans feel inferior...give us sponge envy.

  3. I totally thought I recognized Amanda Seyfreid when I first saw her too. She kinda looks like Marley Shelton, but not quite.

    I actually really liked the remake of Carrie. I love the original - but in a weird way, the remake was a lot more faithful to the book. Even though the ending is totally new!

  4. Rebecca,

    Did you see The Shining remake as well? I liked that. I think in some ways, it was more faithful the book. I think that too had an ending not in the book though. It was kind of happy and warm-hearted...if I remember it correctly.

    I have to google Marley Shelton.....

    I see a tiny bit of a resemblance, but not much. Shelton reminds me more of that girl in American Pie. I forgot her name.