Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ice-Cream for John Howard

I had Australia related dreams last night.....

In the first dream.... I'm writing a letter to John Howard. What I want to address, in the letter, is his response to something Kevin Rudd had said. Rudd had admitted to doing illegal stuff in his life. Howard said that he had never done anything illegal in his life. Nor had he ever been around someone doing something illegal. I try to tell John Howard that what he's saying is impossible. It's a lie. Everyone does something illegal sometimes. I say I'd rather have a leader who is honest, than one who is perfect (or pretends to be).

The problem is, instead of using the usual instruments people use for correspondence, I'm writing the letter using ice-cream. I don't seem to think this is unusual. Although it is a struggle to get my thoughts down using ice-cream. Also, I keep tasting the ice-cream as I write. I think about how John Howard is going to be getting this ice-cream in the mail, and it might be a bit rude that I've eaten some of it.

I finally come to my senses, and decide to write the letter using pen and paper. Then I decide it would be even better to type the letter, and then print it out. While writing, I start to wonder if I could be saying the wrong thing. Maybe John Howard truly hasn't done anything illegal. But then I decide it's impossible. He must have at some point disobeyed some law....maybe some obscure law that most people aren't aware of.

The inspirations for this dream are obvious to me. First, there was a scene from the book I'm currently reading (South of Broad) where a man foolishly tries to claim his innocence. And then there was the recent blog comment conversation regarding archaic laws.

In another dream that night, there's news of older politicians retiring (I'm pretty sure they were Australian). There's talk of them being replaced by Hollywood superstars. Brad Pitt is one of them. I decide I'm okay with this because the older politicians are too conservative for my taste. The actors are more progressive. Also, I remind myself that Hollywood people are usually on the left.

And in the last Australian related dream.... I hear an Australian song and remember that the last time I heard it was when Jennifer Aniston sang it. I think about how I'm not the only American that has an interest in Australia.

There were other dreams...not Australia related. Maybe I'll share a few.

In one.... there's a gorilla staying with me. I'm not sure if she was a boy or girl. I guess I'll refer to it as a she. Anyway....she's very sweet and affectionate. She's gentle and wants a lot of cuddles. From my home (or the place we're staying) we can see the zoo enclosure where she used to live. The gorilla is very melancholy about seeing it. She misses it. I explain to her that she had to leave because she accidentally killed a human. She's very sad about this, and I comfort her.

In another dream... I'm on some kind of bus or train with my parents and older sister, Dawn. My sister has a sliver that's bothering her. The weird thing is (and I didn't stop to think it was weird in the dream) the sliver thing is on my Dad's shirt. It's my sister's injury, but my dad is the one wearing it. My mom and dad are dismissive of my sister's problem. They don't see why she's so concerned with this sliver. They even have the nerve to ask why it's a problem. She gives them the obvious answer....It hurts! I monkey around with my dad's shirt...trying to fix the sliver. I think I manage to do it.


  1. oh that's great! I was going to (but didn't) write about dreams today, too!
    I dreamt last night that a BioSET factory (these dont really exist in real life) was just recently built in my own town, here. It was SOOO horrendously cool! I also dreamt I broke inside to take a look around (their security wasn't that great).
    Anyway, I'd expound, but I don't want to bore you to death. ;) I also dreamt that my NAET practitioner became a BioSET practitioner. Guess that doesn't take a lot of reading into, does it. (I do wish she were trained in BioSET).

  2. well that's really fun - writing with ice cream. i'd write more, but my kid is screaming..

  3. Ohhhh you never cease to amaze me. I had to read it twice. Oh Deah ... I'm flummoxed by that load of twaddle coming out of Howards gob ... proves yet again what a nob he is ... you're a wealth of knowledge ;)

  4. HappyOrganist: I wonder what a BioSET factory would look like. Hopefully they'd have better security than your dream version. And I'm shocked at your criminal behavior!!!

    Hey, did you just try to write with ice-cream??? I can't even explain what it was like. It wasn't exactly like I was writing WITH ice-cream. Maybe it was like I was writing in ice-cream. I have dreams like that a lot...trying to write something with weird substances...or with stuff that doesn't let me get my thoughts across sufficiently or quickly enough.

    Redness: My dream proves that Howard is a nob...and he has stuff coming out of his gob? I think I know what that means. Maybe. I'm not sure if my dreams can be taken as factual. OR maybe they should be. Who knows....

  5. John Howard stopped a Coronial Inquiry into the Port Arthur massacre. That is highly illegal. He is a liar. If the truth were only known.