Saturday, February 27, 2010

Helen Dallimore

Helen Dallimore is a woman. Why is she important? I don't know. I have no idea who she is. I shall go find out now.

She's another Wicked woman! I can't say that I'm too excited. I've kind of grown out of Wicked. But maybe this post will pull me back in. Wicked really is awesome, and it's not something one should grow out of. I think maybe I just listened to it too many times. I needed a break. Maybe today is the day that the break ends. I might become a Wicked fan once again.

For my birthday, Tim bought me this singing machine thing because I LOVE to sing. It was a bit of a pain though because my family has different taste in music. We have a few songs that we all like....mostly John Denver and Peter Paul and Mary. Although when I say "all" I exclude Tim and my brother-in-laws. My dad and my older sister Dawn have a bunch of music in common. They could probably sing together for hours and not run out of songs. I have more in common with my mom song-wise, and I have a very strong music bond with my younger sister. We grew up loving musicals, and we did a lot of singing together.

We both wanted to sing Wicked songs. So when the family was all together, we decided to sing "Dancing Through Life". My dad got annoyed that we were singing a song that he (and everyone else) didn't know. He wanted this to be a sing-a-long and not a duet performance. He kept making little comments of complaint while my sister and I tried to do our fantastic performance. Okay, honestly it wasn't fantastic because I had a cough and my voice was crap. But my dad really started to get on my nerves. He was ruining our singing moment. So I finally turned around and let him have it. I bitched about how this was MY birthday present, and how I've had to deal with my dad and older sister dominating the music decisions all these years, blah, blah, blah. Could he not let my sister and I sing one damn song?

Then my mom started laughing hysterically because it ended up that I did my bitchy speech exactly at the instrumental part. I think she thought I had it planned....that I waited for the break in singing to do my angry monologue. I really hadn't planned it that way, but it was funny. It all seemed like part of the performance.

Anyway, I should get back to Helen Dallimore. She plays Glinda in the show.

She was born in Melbourne, on 31 October 1971. She's a little over a year older than me.

She's part British, and Lord Wiki says she has lived some of her life in England.

She went to NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts). She graduated in 1995. That's when I graduated college. It's also the year I started dating Tim.

Dallimore has a brother.

She has a husband. His name is Abe Forsythe. He's an actor too.

Lord Wiki says she did Wicked with Indina Menzel in London. I didn't realize Menzel performed in London! I thought she had just done Broadway. But has a photo to prove it happened.

I'm totally not in the mood to go over film and theater credits. Would it be horrible if I skipped it? Probably. But I'm going to do that anyway.

I'd rather read interviews, and stuff like that. Watching videos would be fun.

I'm going to finish with Lord Wiki though. He says Dallimore is no longer in Wicked. She did her last performance in 2007. And I guess she never performed in Australia. She just did London. So she never worked with those Australian Wicked people...Maggie Kirkpatrick, and who's the other one? No, wait. There's two others I've talked about. One was the Australian Idol guy, and the other played Elphaba.

I better go look this up.....

Well, I haven't found the answers yet, but the name Anthony Callea came back to me. He's the Australian Idol person, and he played Boq in Wicked. Or did he played Fiyero? I forget. And now I was Amanda Harrison who played Elphaba.

Now I'm changing my mind. I just popped over to IMDb. Dallimore seems to have been in a lot of stuff. I feel too guilty skipping it all. Maybe I will go over it a little bit.

Her first TV/movie thing was Pacific Drive, in 1996. It was an Australian soap opera. Lord Wiki says it was known as being like America's Melrose Place. I don't think Dallimore had a big part in the show. I'm just mentioning it because it's listed first on IMDb.

In 1997, Dallimore worked on an animated program called Magic Mountain. She did the voice of Panda. Here's an episode. YouTube is not letting me watch it, but maybe you'll have better luck. Tell me if it's cute. Oh! Never mind. I got it.

That music is so happy. It makes me feel like I'm at Disney World.

I guess it's not animation. It looks more like puppets...or even people in costumes.

In 1998, Dallimore did a TV movie called The Day of the Roses. It's about the Granville train disaster. I remember talking about this before, but I don't remember the movie having that title. Maybe it was a different movie? Or more likely, it was the same movie, and my memory has failed me again.

Also in 1998, Dallimore was in The Sugar Factory. It sounds like a really sad story. It's about a boy who goes to a half-way house because he's disturbed. A tragedy had happened while he was babysitting. I guess the movie is about dealing with one's past. Maybe?

In 1999, Dallimore was in a TV movie comedy called Mumbo Jumbo. It's about a journalist who gets struck by lightning, and then can see ghosts. For this, she's first in the credits. Maybe it means she had a big part. Anyway, I can't say that plot seems overly original. Hasn't their been other stuff where people got struck by lightning, and then gained powers?

In 2000, Dallimore starred in a movie with Yahoo Serious. This was Mr. Accident. This movie plot seems a bit more original. It's about a guy and his girlfriend believing that someone is lacing eggs with nicotine. Here's a scene from the movie. I guess it's great for people who find it hilarious to see stuff falling. The baby is cute. Dallimore doesn't appear until the end of the scene. She sounds like that Panda from Magic Mountain.

Also in 2000, Dallimore appeared in a TV movie about The Three Stooges. It looks like it was an American movie, filmed in Australia. Mel Gibson was the executive-producer, so I guess that makes it a little more Australian....rather than if it had just been filmed there.

In 2001, Dallimore did South Pacific. This was the one with Simon Burke. She played the character of "nurse". It sounds like a pretty small role.

Also in 2001, Dallimore appeared in a movie with Hugo Weaving. Russian Doll. Why don't I remember this? I should have written about it when I researched Hugo Weaving. But nothing about this movie looks familar to me. Strange.

Here's the trailer.

I find Hugo Weaving to be very attractive. Have I mentioned that before?

In 2002, Dallimore did a TV movie about weddings called Secret Bridesmaid's Business. One of the same actresses from Russian Doll (besides Dallimore) is in this movie too. Wait. Actually, there's three of the same actresses in both movies. What's up with that? Did it have the same director too?

Nope. Ah, but the director of the bridesmaid movie is the same one who directed The Sugar Factory.

In 2003, Dallimore was in the TV movie The Postcard Bandit. I actually remembered that movie. I guess I wrote about it when I researched Simon Burke.

Dallimore did seven episodes of All Saints. She did two episodes in 2004, where she played Dr. Giorgio. Then back in 1998, she did five episodes where she played Amanda Sales.

In 2005, she did a romantic-comedy about actors called The Extra; and she did a TV movie called Little Oberon. Dallimore played a character named Siobhan. I feel I've seen that name before, but where? Or maybe I saw a name that was similar.

In 2009, Dallimore did episodes of the TV show Double Take. I think I've heard of this show before. Maybe? Well, I don't recognize any names in the credits, so maybe not. It's a variety show type thing....with actors playing numerous characters. Here's some scenes from the show.

The surgery scene made me laugh. I like the shopping scene too. I like most of this.

The Ritalin bit is great. I LOVE the lines starting at 5.03. Speaking of Ritalin, I was very pleased to see this recent article in the news. Count me in as one of those people who are very disturbed by how we're overmedicating ourselves.

The hostage scene is great. I think that works in this show (especially with the surgery and hostage scene ) is that it LOOKS like one of those dramatic TV shows. I think if you didn't know any better, you'd assume it was a serious dramatic scene.

Oh! The Tom Cruise part is great too. So funny.

Here's a MySpace fansite for Dallimore. It looks pretty great....has a lot of photos of Dallimore in her numerous appearances.

This Wicked site has an interview with Dallimore. She says her favorite scene in the musical is "Defying Gravity". But she loves doing "Popular". "Popular" is the first song from Wicked I ever heard. And I used the song for my sister's wedding video. I know it's bad to brag, but I'm going to do so anyway. That bit was brilliant. I used it for the scenes of the bride and her crew getting their hair and make-up done. I wish I could transfer the DVD to YouTube. I mean I could. Tim knows how to do it. But it's a tedious process. I do have some of my old videos on YouTube, but that's because I still had the files saved on the computer.


I'm so excited. I figured a stupid but easy way to get it on YouTube. I just played it on my computer, and filmed it with the camera. I think it might actually work. The bad news is the video was less brag-worthy than I thought. But still. I'm happy I can get it on YouTube. Maybe I'll put more videos up as well. I'm SO happy now!!

Back to the interview....although I really want to quit and record more of my old movies.

Anyway, Dallimore is asked if she's a Glinda or Elphaba. She says Elphaba. I'm definitely an Elphaba. Although I wonder if anyone would admit to being a Glinda. I think most of us women imagine we're the deep-thinking ones brave enough to stand up against superficiality. I do have some Glinda characters in my life. At least I see them that way. The question is whether they see themselves that way. I really don't know.

I am going to go soon and play with my own little videos. But before I do, I'll check out some more videos of Dallimore.

Here's a fan video....a montage type thing.

Here's Dallimore with Menzel doing "Defying Gravity". This is going to be weird for me. I'm so used of Kristin Chenoweth doing the song with Menzel.

Too long I've been afraid of, losing love I guessed I've lost.
Well, if that's love, it comes at much too high a cost.

I LOVE those lines. They're the story of my life....or at least one of them.

Here's Dallimore doing "Popular". The recording is a bit shaky. It's still fun though. I love Chenoweth, but Dallimore does great with this song too. She's very cute.

Here's Menzel and Dallimore doing "For Good". I think this is one of the most beautiful songs about friendship.

It's hard for me to hear that song without crying.

Okay, I am totally back to loving Wicked.

Thanks for that, Helen Dallimore.

I'd spend more time on you, but I really want to go and do my videos!

I still have to do the recording, and then put them on YouTube. But I'll add the links right here when I do.....

(edited to add 12/3/13: eventually got better quality videos up; so changing the links)

Okay, so here they are:

1. Here is the bride and company getting ready for the wedding. This is where I used the song "Popular".

2. This is from the video I made that they played during my sister's reception. It was one of those this-is-your-life type things. This part has my sister in her childhood and teen years.

3. This is the conclusion of the this-is-your-life video. It's the romantic part.

And while I was at it....I was brave and crazy enough to record me singing. I'm very embarrassed about singing on camera, but wanted to be at least a little brave. So...uh...well, you'll be hearing me, but seeing my printer. Maybe we can just pretend the printer is singing. Okay? It's a little awful, so feel free to laugh at me. I'm used to it! 

(edited to add: not brave enough to keep the videos up)

5. Here I'm singing the first lines of "For Good". I think I especially messed up at the boulder...wood part.

6. Here's me singing another part from "For Good". It took me about five
Link takes to get it right....well, and it's not quite right yet.

7. Here's me singing the Nessa lines from "Dancing Through Life." Perhaps it will give you sympathy towards my dad wanting my sister and me to stop our duet.

8. Here I'm singing part of "Defying Gravity". I think in reality, I'm trying to defy decency.


  1. So do you want a good laugh? On the blogger feed, it doesn't put words in italics - so I read "another Wicked woman" (picture that not capitalized. that's more the way I read it) and so I'm pulled in to read (interest peaked!) and then I'm impressed as you go on to say "I'm not too excited." Wow, what a good person you are - to not be even interested in wicked (bad) people. So now I"m super interested and impressed. and what do I find?
    well you know the rest 'cause you wrote the post!


  2. HappyOrganist,

    That was a good laugh. I keep laughing about it. When I first read it, Jack called out from the other room to ask me what's so funny.