Sunday, February 7, 2010

Please Don't Release the Prisoner

Well, I've been blessed with another Australia-related dream. The one I refer to in the title of this post wasn't Australia related, but I thought it was interesting so I'm going to share it.

1. In the first dream, I'm in a room with my friend Tracey. We both look at a map-like thing of the world. But it's not really a map. It's more like all the countries of the world are placed around a table. I mean not the countries themselves, but maybe pictures of them? It's hard to explain. Just pretend you understand.

Tracey tries to find places she'd like to visit someday. I suggest that we find places between Australia and America, so we can meet each other kind of in the middle. Well, in my dream version of geography, it turns out that America and Australia are at the far ends of the planet, and every other country is between us. It's more like the world is flat than round.

For some reason, I start to feel self conscious about calling my country America. I feel maybe it's more normal to refer to it as the U.S.

The beginning of the other dream is vague. All I know is... that I'm in a prison. And I'm a prisoner. There's this scary violent prisoner there. Then I'm in my cell with others, including a female prisoner. She suddenly becomes possessed by the scary violent prisoner. It seems she's going to cause me great bodily harm or death. I'm thinking about fighting and defending myself. There's some difficulties with that though. First of all, my strength is no match for the scary violent prisoner. Second, I happen to be a man in this dream. I'm worried that it will appear that a man is beating up a woman. People won't understand that this female prisoner is possessed by the scary violent male prisoner.

I don't remember what happens next. I guess I escape that situation though. Then I'm outside the cell talking to prisoner workers. They talk about releasing the scary violent prisoner. Their viewpoint is that he's crazy like that because he hates being locked up. He's hopeless. If he's released, maybe he'll be good. I argue against it. I remind them of something that happened recently. A man was released from prison. He entered a large party and shot people who he felt had wronged him.

My reminder of this story succeeds in making the prisoner workers reconsider their viewpoint. But I guess it's not enough.

Later I'm with my parents. (I think I'm back to being my female self now). I warn them that the scary violent prisoner might be released. I tell them that this means I may have to leave Fort Worth. They're not supportive of this plan (my parents are very much against any of their daughters leaving the DFW area). I tell them that not only that, but I'll probably need to change my name as well.


  1. I saw a show the other day (you watch that - what is that show called where they dig into history - History Detectives. Think that's what it's called). Anyway, in this episode they researched prisoners who had been allowed to fight in WWII (they were on probation) (but normally, you know, ex-cons are not allowed to enlist in the military..according to what they said on tv) Anyway - the cool part of the story, I think, is that the fellow who was in charge of this prison where those men had come from, had a very special gift in the way he treated and saw the men he cared for.
    Anyway, so the fellows (some of those prisoners) were on probation and allowed to serve in the military during WWII, and then this man wrote to (who? gov't?) and saw that they were pardoned for their previous crimes.
    It was a very nice story. Seemed like a wonderful gift this man had to see those men (prisoners) in that way (as being able to change and learn and grow).

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  3. HappyOrganist,

    That's a really cool story about the prisoners.

    There was this guy in Australia named Maconochie who worked for all these prison reforms. He was awesome and way ahead of his time. Unfortunately, his ideas weren't popular and he was pretty much scorned by those in power.

    I think he's one of my heroes.

  4. Eeewww Dina.. You scared me with your dream. Your dreams are very interesting to read...