Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday

In the wee hours of the morning, I woke up from my sleep with the lyrics "Sunday Bloody Sunday" bouncing around in my head. That in itself wouldn't be that eerie. I often have random songs and words popping into my brain. But what's weird is that LAST February, when we were wandering around Sydney, I couldn't get the song out of my head. I had worried it was some kind of awful premonition regarding the upcoming Sunday. Fortunately, the worst that happened that Sunday was that I lost our camera. Well, that's the worst that happened to my family personally. Other people around the world had much worse Sundays. In Australia, people were struggling to recover from recently losing loved ones and property in horrible fires.

Lord Wiki says the U2 song is about a true incident in Ireland. It happened in January 1972. British soldiers killed Irish protesters.

I don't know why I had this song on my mind this February, and last February. But I guess it's good I've learned something new.

I went back to sleep after having the song on my mind. At some point, I dreamed about Australia: My mom, Jack, and I head to Australia for a wedding. We stop at a couple of airports on the way. At one point, we wait at a luggage carousel. I start thinking about whether I should tell people we're coming to Sydney. I'm a bit embarrassed because we're staying there for only two days. It seems embarrassingly wasteful to go all the way to Australia for such a short time. But I worry that I'll run into people I know, and that might be awkward if I don't tell them we're coming. I also think about how I need to buy a dress for the wedding, and that I should probably lose a few pounds.

I also dreamed I got an email marriage proposal. It was very formal...more like a business proposal than a love one. I was very glad to be able to say no, thank you. I'm already married.

I think all this marriage/wedding stuff came from me watching the beginning of Sex and the City before going to bed.


  1. I've never watched that show.
    Fun dreams, though ;)

  2. HappyOrganist,

    Tim and I used to watch it a lot, but it took me awhile to finally watch the movie.

    Oh, I also dreamed my older sister had two babies. It was weird. I remembered her having the babies, but then no one mentioned it. I thought maybe I had imagined it. Either that, or my sister was so busy she had no time to email or take photos.

    AND I dreamed about singing. I sat on a pool chair and started to sing. People sitting next to me sang along, and then we became friends.

    Any exciting dreams from your cute little brain?

  3. oh I thought you'd never ask.
    I dreamt that my friend came over for dinner. It was pretty fun.
    I feel horrible guilty for having dreamt it though.

  4. I don't particularly like the U2 song.

    It tends to be children's songs that bounce around in my head.

    Or something like Cliff Richard's "Summer Holiday" or Fiddlers Dram "The Day I went to Bangor".

  5. lol, i have had one of those...a formal email marriage proposal, cover letter,picture and details on front, cv style. It was amusing but also horrifying at the same time...testimony to all the weirdos (ourselves included) you get on the internet...gotta love em ;)

  6. HappyOrganist: Sorry you feel guilty. I think it's unnecessary. But I feel guilty all the time. So who am I to talk?

    Michael: It's not one of my favorite songs either. I guess I'm neutral about it. I'm not sure why it comes into my brain.

    I never heard the songs you mentioned, so had to find them on YouTube. The Cliff Richards song is adorable. It's very happy. Now I'm listening to the Bangor song...totally love it. Thank you.

    Zhen: Did you write about it on your blog? I'm kind of having a memory here. Nothing like that has happened to me in real life. No one has ever proposed to me really...not even my husband.