Monday, April 5, 2010

Anthony LaPaglia

Anthony LaPaglia is an actor. He's on an American show called Without a Trace. Although maybe it's not on anymore. Is it? I'm not sure.

LaPaglia has been on a bunch of other stuff, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

Last night I watched the end of The Reader, and thought I saw his name in the a producer. But I may have confused his name with another name.

Lord Wiki says that baby Anthony was born in Adelaide, on 31 January 1959. His mom was a secretary, and his dad was an auto mechanic, and car dealer. Mommy LaPaglia had Dutch heritage, and Daddy LaPaglia had immigrated from Italy. So, that's where we get that last name.

LaPaglia has two brothers. One is also an actor, Jonathan LaPaglia. He was on an American TV show about time travel called Seven Days. I don't think I've heard of it.

The other brother followed in their father's footsteps, and is a car salesman.

It looks like all three brothers live in Santa Monica, California. I wonder if they're close....I mean emotionally, not geographically.

For his schooling, LaPaglia went to Rostrevor College. It's a Catholic school, so LaPaglia might be Catholic.

LaPaglia did some acting in his late teens in Adelaide. Then he rushed off to America. That's pretty brave.

I'm going to read his career stuff on IMDb. First I'm going to finish up with the other stuff on Lord Wiki.

Besides acting, LaPaglia likes football....I think the Australian version. I guess although he lives in America, he frequently visits Australia. Lord Wiki says, in the 1980's, LaPaglia was a goalkeeper for the National Soccer League. He played for Adelaide. I'm guessing he returned to Australia for the whole season. Maybe?

LaPaglia has been married twice. He has a daughter with his second wife.

Here's something interesting. When he came to America, he decided to speak with an American accent. He thought it would help him get work. I really don't know if that works or not. Anyway, he ended up losing his Australian accent. Although some people think they can sometimes hear slight remnants of it. LaPaglia has been able to put on an Australian accent for Australian movies. So at least he can fake it. I guess it's not lost completely. I wonder though what accent he uses off camera in Australia. Does he still speak American? I think some people are accent chameleons. They'll pick up whatever accent is around them.

I've switched over to IMDb now. LaPaglia is not the producer of The Reader. The name I saw yesterday was Anthony Minghella. How did I confuse that? Sometimes I wonder about myself.

I may have also misinterpreted Lord Wiki. From what he said, I thought LaPaglia moved to the U.S in his late teens/early adulthood. But his first screen appearance was in 1985. LaPaglia was around twenty-six then. I guess he could have moved there earlier, and it just took him a long time to find acting work. That does happen, I'm sure.

This first appearance was in the TV show Amazing Stories. LaPaglia had a bit part as a Mechanic #2 in the episode entitled "The Mission". I don't remember it, which is weird because Kiefer Sutherland was one of the stars. I had a crush on him. I'm sure I saw it though. It probably just slipped from my memory.

In the next couple of years, LaPaglia did one time guest appearances on various TV shows. I'm not going to list them all. I'm going to skip ahead to Cold Steel. This thriller, starring Sharon Stone, came out in 1987. LaPaglia played a character named Spooky. I don't think his part was very big.

In 1988, LaPaglia got the title role in a TV movie called Frank Nitti: The Enforcer. Janet-55 reviews the movie on IMDb. She says, The film is beautifully made and acted by all throughout. As has been already mentioned it is illuminating to see a member of the mafia being depicted as a truly caring husband and father, thus making the scene concerning the death of his wife intensely poignant - LaPaglia is always streets ahead of most other actors in putting over the deeper emotional aspects of a character and here in this role he excels. 

Lord Wiki says that Frank Nitti was one of Al Capone's top henchmen.

I'm not sure if I agree with Janet-55. Is it that unusual for Hollywood to present sympathetic portrayals of gangsters?

In the same year, LaPaglia played for the other side of the law. He played a sergeant in another TV movie called Police Story: Gladiator School. His co-stars in this included Ed O'Neil and Benjamin Bratt.

In 1989, LaPaglia was in Slaves of New York. That sounds somewhat familar to me. It was directed by James Ivory, that guy who made Howard's End and A Room with a View. I totally assumed that guy would be British, but he was born in California.

LaPaglia is very low in the credits, so I'm guessing his part wasn't too substantial.

Lord Wiki says the movie is about the fashion and art world in NYC. It got some pretty bad reviews, and didn't do so well at the box-office. However, on a brighter, it's picked up a cult-following among the gay community for this scene.

In 1990, LaPaglia was in Betsy's Wedding. I'm pretty sure I saw that one. This time, LaPaglia is high up in the credits. He even has a memorable quote. I could be whatever you need. I could do anything for the woman I love. I believe in saying what you feel. You are the blood in my veins, I would walk through fire for you. I will always be available, I belong to you. I wonder if she loved him back. It's one of those monologues that would be great to hear from someone you love, and horrible to hear from someone you don't.

Lord Wiki says this is the movie that launched LaPaglia's film career.

Also in 1990, LaPaglia did a TV movie, Criminal Justice, with Forest Whitaker, Rosie Perez, and Jennifer Grey, When I think of Whitaker, I think of The Crying Game, and the scorpion/frog story.

In 1991, LaPaglia was in He Said, She Said. That's the one with Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Perkins. I might have seen it. It's a romantic-comedy type thing.

Here's the trailer. It looks pretty awful to me. I didn't see LaPaglia.

LaPaglia did some other stuff in 1991, He was in the Michael Keaton movie, One Good Cop. It's a drama. I don't know if I've seen it. I think I'm thinking of another Michael Keaton movie. Maybe he was a drug addict? What was that? Ah! Clean and Sober. In One Good Cop, LaPaglia plays Keaton's partner. He's killed, and Keaton tries to adopt his orphaned kids. I guess his role is kind of small....well, since he dies. But maybe he has some flashbacks.

LaPaglia did 29th Street with Danny Aiello. I think Aiello plays LaPaglia's father. It's about winning the lottery. It's based on the true story of the first person to win the New York state lottery. Lord Wiki says the New York state lottery began in 1967. Although I'm not sure if the first win happened that year.

LaPaglia was in a TV movie called Keeper of the City. It's another mafia thing. I guess this is what happens when you're an Italian actor.

Here's the trailer. The acting and writing looks kind of bad, but the storyline sounds fairly interesting. LaPaglia plays a psychotic killer who goes after mafia bosses. His father had been a mafia boss, and I guess he hadn't liked that.

In 1992, LaPaglia was in a horror-comedy TV movie called Black Magic. It involves a witch. LaPaglia plays the dead cousin of the protagonist. He appears in dreams.

Then we have Whispers in the Dark. Annabella Sciorra plays a psychiatrist in it. I used to not like her...for no reason. I guess sometimes we're attracted to people, and then sometimes we're UNattracted to people. But then I saw What Dreams May Come, and I liked her in that. I love that movie.

Oh! And Jamey Sheridan is in Whispers in the Dark. His name sounded familar, but I couldn't remember who he is. He's played the big bad guy in The Stand.

I don't really have much to say about Whispers in the Dark itself. It looks fairly dumb to me.

Next we have a John Landis vampire movie. Innocent Blood. Landis did American Werewolf in London. Maybe this could be seen as a sort of companion movie. I've never heard of it, so I'm guessing it wasn't that successful. I mean if I haven't heard of a recent movie, that means nothing. I'm out of it when it comes to movies these days. But I was really into movies back into the 1990's.

LaPaglia has a memorable quote in Innocent Blood. He says, He wasn't so innocent. He's a lawyer. I think this is in reference to the fact that the vampire is one that tries to kill only bad guys.
Lord Wiki says LaPaglia plays a cop, and the vampires love interest.

Here's the trailer. It looks fairly okay to me.

In 1993, LaPaglia was in that Mike Myers movie, So I Married an Axe Murderer. I remember hearing of that film, but I don't think I ever saw it.

LaPaglia plays Myer's best friend.

Here's the trailer. Myers also plays the father of his (Myer's) character, and he sounds just like Shrek.

In 1993, LaPaglia did an Australian movie! This was The Custodian with Hugo Weaving. LaPaglia plays a cop. It seems this guy is usually playing either cops or mafia people. Why doesn't someone try something different, and cast him as a librarian.

The cop in this movie isn't dealing with vampires. He's dealing with corruption.

The dentist in Finding Nemo is in the movie.

LaPaglia was nominated for an AFI award. He lost to Harvey Keitel in The Piano. So, New Zealand movies can win AFI awards? Well, I guess foreign films can win Oscars. Right?

Yep. Lord Wiki just reminded me that Slumdog Millionaire won, and that was British. Plus, there's probably been others.

Here's a trailer for The Custodian. That one's not English. What language is that? It sounds Spanish to me, but I'm not sure. Maybe Italian?

Here's the trailer in English. I can't really tell what it's about, but it looks somewhat thrilling.

In 1994, LaPaglia did a TV movie called Past Tense. If I'm understanding Lord Wiki correctly, LaPaglia plays a cop in this movie too. Oh, and he also just gave me major spoilers about the movie. I can't say I'm impressed with how the mystery turns out.

Also in 1994, LaPaglia was in The Client. That's the John Grisham thing with Susan Sarandon. Lord Wiki says this is a LaPaglia-mafia movie rather than a LaPaglia-policeman movie.

Here's the trailer. LaPaglia can be seen briefly at 1:23. The child in that movie later died of a heroin overdose. I don't know if I knew that or not.

Also in 1994, LaPaglia did another Australian film. This one was with Rebecca Gibney, and Jessica Napier's daddy. Lucky Break. I actually remember writing about this movie before. It's the one with the woman who's disabled, and tries to hide it.

Here's the trailer. It's American....maybe fan made? Although that voice sound so familar to me. You know what. I think one of Jack's old kiddie videos had that voice. I think it was a video about colors and shapes. Maybe there was a whole set of videos, actually.

I'm reading about the plot of the movie on IMDb, and it sounds a bit like my novel Thirty Cats. Actually, I'm having deja vu. Maybe I mentioned all this the last time I talked about the movie. Anyway, both stories deal with having a disability/disorder. When do you tell a romantic interest the truth about yourself?

Next, we have an American movie with Tom Cruise's ex-wife....not the Australian one. This is Killer. Let me guess. LaPaglia plays a cop.

No, actually in this one, he's an assassin.

What was he in Mixed Nuts?

Oh, you know. I never found out what he was in Lucky Break. Maybe he was a librarian.

In Mixed Nuts, LaPaglia was named Felix. It sounds like a cop or Mafia guy.

Lord Wiki says the movie is about people who work at a suicide hotline place. Felix is the slacker boyfriend of one of the hotline workers. He just got out of prison.

Here's the trailer. It looks okay. It has an impressive cast: Steve Martin, Adam Sandler, Juliet Lewis, Liev Schrieber.....

In 1995, LaPaglia was in Empire Records. It's about an independent music store. Here's the trailer. It doesn't look too exciting to me.

LaPaglia had four screen projects in 1996. The first was Chameleon. It's a government agent vs. druglord thing. I don't have much to say about it.

Next we have a TV biopic called Never Give Up: The Jimmy V Story. It's about a coach/sports writer who dies of cancer. In 1993, Valvano did this well-known speech. He says everyday we should do three things...laugh, think, and be moved to tears. I like that. And I think I do each of those things everyday.

LaPaglia worked with Steve Buscemi in Trees Lounge. Buscemi wrote, directed, and starred in it. It's about a guy living a miserable life. Here's the trailer. Tom Cruise's ex-wife is in this one too.

This is kind of funny. LaPaglia reunites with the actress in Lucky Break, for Brilliant Lies. In the former they had a romance going on. In this movie, it looks like they're enemies. The movie is about a woman suing her formal employer for sexual harassment. LaPaglia plays the employer. I wonder if he's guilty, or not. Although I can't say I care that much.

Oh! The director was Richard Franklin. I wrote about him before. So, I've probably written about this movie before. How quickly I forget.

In 1997, LaPaglia was in a miniseries called Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer.

Lord Wiki says it turned into a TV series. LaPaglia played the Assistant District Attorney.

Okay. I see the TV show on IMDb now. It was on for two seasons, and LaPaglia was in the second one.

Also in 1997, LaPaglia did a movie with Aidan Quinn and Courtney Cox. Commandment.

You know, I might have seen this. It seems vaguely familar. It's a religious kind of thing.

Here's the trailer. It looks kind of cute. I might like it, or I may have liked it when I saw it...if I saw it.

The Garden of Redemption is another religious thing. The TV movie is about a priest during Nazi Europe. Is LaPaglia the priest?

Yes, I guess he is. The priest is the main character, and LaPaglia is the main star. Put two and two together, and.....

In 1998, LaPaglia narrated a documentary called Mob Law: A Film Portrait of Oscar Goodman. Lord Wiki says Goodman is an attorney, and the mayor of Las Vegas. The mob thing comes from the fact that as a lawyer, Goodman represented big crime bosses.

I'm really not into mafia stories. Nor am I really into drug and cop stories. So many Anthony LaPaglia movies don't appeal to me.

So, I probably wouldn't like Phoenix either. This one features Ray Liotta as a cop with a gambling addiction. LaPaglia plays one of his cop friends.

Here's the trailer. It's totally NOT my thing.

In 1999, LaPaglia was in the TV movie Lansky. It was another organized crime thing. I'm so sick of organized crime. LaPaglia played Lucky Luciano. I think I've actually heard of him before. IMDb shows that he's been portrayed in many movies. Christian Slater played him in Mobsters. Costas Mandylor was in that too. He's Australian.

Also in 1999, LaPaglia was in the Spike Lee film Summer of Sam. I kind of remember that...maybe. This is about that killer in 1977 New York city. Well actually, Lord Wiki says it went on from July 1976 to August 1977. So there were really two Sam summers.

LaPaglia plays a detective.

Here's the trailer. This movie doesn't look too awful to me. It's not just about a serial killer, but about how the events effect the community.

LaPaglia did a Woody Allen film. This was Sweet and Lowdown. I like Woody Allen movies, but I haven't seen one in a LONG time. Samantha Morton was in this one. She's the one who used to do Ruby's voice in Max and Ruby.

Here's the trailer for Sweet and Lowdown. It's about a guitar player.

This is funny. The IMDb trivia page says Morton received an Academy Award nomination, and she never spoke in the movie. I guess she's really good at gestures and facial expressions.

Black and Blue was a TV movie about domestic abuse. It's based on a novel by Anna Quindlen. LaPaglia plays the abusive husband. It sounds sad. He kidnaps the son. I hate stories of missing children....well, unless they're found, and are okay.

In 2000, LaPaglia played Fidel Castro in the comedy Company Man. It's about a teacher who lies to his girlfriend's family, tells them he works for the CIA.

Ah! Now we have something that's interesting to me. Looking for Alibrandi. It's an Australian thing. I read the book. I think LaPaglia plays the long lost father.

The movie won an AFI award for best film.

The trivia page says the book is the most often stolen book from school libraries. These thieves should just come to me. My dad accidentally bought me multiple copies when he was my Secret Santa for Chanukah 2008.

Here's some scenes from the movie. I'm not sure if LaPaglia will be shown.

I remember that grandma. I liked that storyline.

Oh, there's LaPaglia. He comes in at :52.

I just learned that the girl who plays Josie, is the girl from The Girl Who Swallowed Bees. I THOUGHT she looked familar.

Also in 2000, LaPaglia was in the Gillian Anderson movie, The House of Mirth. Here's the trailer. LaPaglia can be seen at :32. There's something about it. I don't know. Maybe I'm in a bad mood. But instead of seeing characters, I'm seeing actors pretending be characters from a famous novel. Does that make sense?

Now I'm onto Autumn in New York. This is the movie where Winona Ryder plays a dying woman. Didn't it get really awful reviews, or am I thinking of something else? I'm not sure who LaPaglia plays in the movie, but it's not the man who falls in love with a dying woman. That role went to Richard Gere.

Here's the trailer.

In 2001, LaPaglia was in Jack the Dog. Guess who's Jack the dog? Richard from Lost!!! I totally love Richard. LaPaglia plays Richard's lawyer. He can defend Richard from all the questions about his Dick Clark abilities. Although now we know what's going on there. At least one question has been answered.

LaPaglia plays a detective again in Lantana. This is an Australian movie.

Lord Wiki says the name of the film comes from a weed that grows in Sydney.

Here's the trailer. You know, I think I've seen part of this. I found it while flipping through channels.

The movie won several AFI awards, including best film. And LaPaglia won for best actor.

LaPaglia did a science fiction TV movie called On the Edge. It's made up of three stories. LaPaglia was in The Other Side. It was written by Mary Stuart Masterson, who played LaPaglia's abused wife in Black and Blue.

Then we have another Australian movie. The Bank. Lord Wiki says it's about banking and corruption. Fun.

In 2002, LaPaglia was in The Salton Sea. It's another drug thing. Here's the trailer.
It's not my type of thing. That might become my new catch phrase.

Dead Heat is another cop thing. Kiefer Sutherland's the star. It came out in 2002. Was that before 24? Nope. I'm seeing that it was not. So this movie may have done well. 24 was all popular around 2002, I'm sure. If you recall, Sutherland and LaPaglia were together seventeen years before on that Amazing Stories episode.

Here's the trailer. I love Kiefer Sutherland's voice. He was the inspiration for my novel The Dream Games. Also in 2002, LaPaglia was in I'm with Lucy. It's a romantic-comedy staring Monica Potter. Who is she again? The name sounds familar. Well, the only thing I've seen from her filmography really is Patch Adams. Oh wait. I think I also saw Head Over Heals.

Here's the trailer. LaPaglia is not a cop, serial killer, or mafia boss. He's an ex-baseball player. That's cool. The movie doesn't look too great though.

Now we have The Guys. It's a September 11 thing. A fireman loses his men in the World Trade Center. Now THIS sounds good to me. LaPaglia is the fireman. When he loses his men, he asks an editor to help him write the eulogies. The movie is about their relationship.

It's based on a play. They really got this play together quickly, didn't they?

In 2003, there was a sequel to Jack the Dog. LaPaglia got to work with Richard from Lost again.

Also in 2003, we have Happy Hour. It might have been an okay film. LaPaglia won three acting awards for it. I think it might be about alcoholism.

Here's the trailer.

Then we have the comedy Spinning Boris. It's about Russian politics. Liev Schrieber and Jeff Goldblum are also in it.

The trivia page says it's based on a true story. It's about Americans being hired to run Boris Yeltsin's reelection campaign. Here are some scenes from the movie. I like Jeff Goldblum.

In 2004, LaPaglia was in Winter Solstice. LaPaglia plays a widower.

Here's the trailer. It looks pretty good. In a way, it's like a companion film to Men Don't Leave. I just realized something. HappyOrganist totally reminds me of Joan Cusack's character in that.

Between 2000-2004, LaPaglia did some episodes of Frasier. Tim and I used to watch that. LaPaglia played Simon Moon. Who was that?

Oh! He was one of Daphne's brothers. I might sort of remember.

Here's a scene. In 2002, LaPaglia won an Emmy for best guest appearance.

In 2006, LaPaglia was in The Architect. It's about a guy who designed a building. Then later, it's occupants want it torn down. I guess they don't like how the building ended up.

Here's the trailer. Who is that blond girl at 1:26?

I wonder what went wrong with the buildings. I'm sure public housing is never ideal. But how could it be made better?

LaPaglia was in a British film called Played. He plays a detective....again.

Also in 2006....LaPaglia, like most Australian actors, was in Happy Feet. Well, actually I think most Australians are either in Happy Feet or Finding Nemo....if not that, then Australia.

LaPaglia is Boss Skua. I'm looking at Google Images. It looks like he's NOT a penguin. He's some kind of other bird.

In 2008, LaPaglia did another animated movie called 9.99 It's based on a story written by an Israeli writer.

Here's the trailer. I think it looks kind of cool. I like the animation.

It look really beautiful.

Oh, this is too funny. Now I can see why I like the animation. The woman who does it is the same one who does the animation for Wonder Pets! That show is so adorable.

Without a Trace began in 2002. I didn't realize it was that old. I watched an episode or two because I had a bit of a crush on Eric Close. I loved Now and Again.

I liked Without a Trace much less....mostly because I don't like stories of missing children. They make me too depressed and scared.

In 2004, LaPaglia won a Golden Globe for the show.

I guess it's not on anymore. It looks like it ended in 2009.

LaPaglia was in Balibo. It's about the five journalists who went missing in East Timor. I've written about this before...for some reason. I can't remember why. I just remember watching a news video with the mother or wife of one of the missing.

Here's the trailer.

It looks good.

In 2011, LaPaglia is going to be in an Irish story called Easter Sixteen. It's about the Irish uprising that happened in 1916. Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce are going to be in it...and also Chris O'Donnoll. Wow. I haven't seen that guy in a long time.

LaPaglia had this other movie that was completed in 2009, but it looks like it hasn't been released yet. It's called Overnight. I wonder what happened.

Now I'm going to read the IMDb trivia page for LaPaglia.

Oh! His wife is that woman who starred with him in Lucky Break and Brilliant Lies! They were also in Jack the Dog together, and she guest-starred once on Without a Trace.

They got married in 1998, which is after Lucky Break and Brilliant Lies. I wonder when they met and fell in love.

LaPaglia says he dropped the Australian accent because Mel Gibson did that. Now he regrets it. Well, maybe he can get it back.

I think Julian McMahon also dropped his accent. Or maybe not.

Oh! LaPaglia was the original choice for Tony Soprano. He turned the role down. Wow.

LaPaglia did an Andrew Denton interview in 2005.

LaPaglia says it wasn't easy being Italian in Australian. He felt like he was treated like a second-class citizen. I wonder if that's still the case. Are Italians treated better now that there are other ethnic groups to pick on?

LaPaglia gives a heartfelt monologue about why he loves football:

It's democratic. That's what I love about it. It doesn't matter how smart you are, how dumb you are, how much money you have, how poor you are, where you come from - it's about you and this round ball. Once that round ball goes out into the middle of a beautiful green field, everybody is on the same level.

Yeah, but it does matter if you're athletic or not, and I'm not! So there. It's like a bunch of models getting together and saying, It's so democratic. It doesn't matter if you can read or sing...whether you're poor or smart....or can kick a ball.

Every hobby and skill is going to have people that are excluded.

Denton gives some information about LaPaglia's acting beginnings. He did some community theater. He tried to get into NIDA, but was rejected. Then he moved to NYC with $400 to his pocket. That is so brave. I love that. And I think it's beautiful that he kept going after NIDA rejected him.

LaPaglia wasn't one of those actors who struggles for a year or so, and then gets their big break. He struggled for close to a decade.

I think his story is really inspiring.

LaPaglia talks about how his Australian accent brought him grief. Back then, Americans stereotyped Australians even more than they do now. They were all into Mel Gibson and Crocodile Dundee. When LaPaglia would go on auditions, the casting people would go on and on about throwing shrimp on the barbie.

One day, he decided to skip the I'm-Australian bit, and instead he said I'm from Brooklyn. And that's how the accent went away.

Oh, Denton is funny. He says, Wouldn't it have been great if at the end of that audition they said, "We love you but we're looking for an Australian."

LaPaglia says there actually were some Australian roles, and he was passed up since he was "from Brooklyn".

Denton says LaPaglia was the first Australian to win a Tony Award. Cool.

I'm kind of speeding through all this. I want to go to bed soon. There's stuff about kinky sex. I must be tired to not want to read through that.

The play that LaPaglia won a Tony for was A View From the Bridge. It looks like he's currently in a play. Lend Me a Tenor.

I'm going to quit soon. But first I have to watch Craig Ferguson! The video is a bit blurry, but that's okay. I can just listen.

LaPaglia is sounding more American than Australian.

Now they're talking about Australia becoming a Republic. LaPaglia seems a bit disappointed that it didn't happen.

Ferguson is so damn cute. I've never had a thing for Scotland, but now I might.

The only other Scottish celebrity I know of is Sean Connery, and I've never liked him much.

They're talking about sports now though. I'm kind of bored.

I want to learn how to do a Scottish accent.

I should be like LaPaglia and change accents.

I totally can't do Scottish though, or Irish.

Lord Wiki is now telling me that I DO know of other Scottish actors...

Ewan McGregor. I like him.

And Gerald Butler! I like him too.

Anyway, I personally think LaPaglia sounds better when he's doing an Australian or Scottish accent. I don't like his American accent as much. I think different accents work better on different people. Like that guy in Eli Stone.....I think he sounds MUCH better as an American. I don't like his British accent. And there's someone else..... Who is it? It's someone I saw recently. Oh! I know. Robert Pattinson. His British accent is nice, but I think his American accent is much more adorable.

And no, it's not that I have anything against British accents. I love them. I love the Harry Potter folks, Jeremy Irons, and others.

What else.....

Here we go.

TV.Com says LaPaglia and his wife met on the set of Lucky Break. So my curiosity is satisfied there.

I better start getting ready for bed.


  1. Heya Dina,

    I was born in Australia and am now a Kiwi living in NZ (but switch between the two if needed) and I happen to like Anthony LaPaglia very much. As in adore actually -my hubby understands. I was interested to see your quick write-ups of the various films. Empire Records is actually a lot fun; Lantana is brilliant and was his fave role until Balibo came along. I went to Melbourne for the world premiere of Balibo last July (awesome, stunning, shattering film). Met Anthony briefly there, and had a chat to Geoffrey Rush which was an unexpected treat (we thought he'd be in the US). Had a longer talk to Anthony the next day after the Balibo Q&A. He's lovely, humble and has beautiful eyes. He actually met his future wife Gia on a set party for The Custodian, and they were engaged by the time they did Lucky Break -most reports get it wrong. And I only just watched Chameleon for the first time and loved it. His british auditor disguise was damn nice. Yes, okay, I am happily obsessed with him and I also have a fair number of friends I've made around the world who do too! So nice to meet you and I hope you don't mind my blathering!


  2. I can not recommend Balibo highly enough. If you get the chance to see

    After I saw it, I read a couple of books on the subject. I'd have to say it certainly challeneged the way I understood Australian history.

    G xx

  3. Justine: How can I mind your blathering when I do it all the time!

    My husband is understanding of my adorations too. That's good, because I have a lot of them.

    I'm glad LaPaglia lived up to your expectations. I worry about meeting celebrities, and then being disappointed by them.

    Gina:Do you remember the names of any of the books. I might look for some on Powells.

  4. That episode of Amazing Stories is actually one of my favorites. That season is on dvd if you ever want to see it. I think the episode also had Kevin Costner?

    And I remember Betsy's Wedding. I remember his character too, and I think that quote is being said to Ally Sheedy's character. I think they did end up getting together. Ally's character was "Betsy's" sister.

  5. Rebecca,

    Was it the first season? I'm trying to remember some of the episodes.

    I remember being really scared of that one with the guy who kept seeing that creepy old man in the mirror. Do you remember that? I remember the train one. I think it was the first. It was a good show. It's weird I don't remember more of the Kiefer Sutherland one.

  6. It is the first season. I think that's the only one on DVD?

    I won't give too much away about the episode; but it's a group of fighter pilots coming back from a mission and
    there's a guy in the bottom part of the plane, and the plane's landing wheels are broken or something so if/when they land the guy in the bottom will get crushed to death.

    Don't remember the creepy old man though.

  7. Rebecca,

    Now I think I'm remembering it. Thanks! I think your description helped.

    The scary old man in the mirror...I think maybe it was a writer? He would look in the mirror, and this old creepy man would be there. It's hard to explain. I just looked it up. The episode was called "Mirror Mirror".

  8. Oh I remember that one now. Didn't he end up turning into the creepy man at the end?