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Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne is an actress. I don't know much about her. I think my parents may have seen a movie that had her in it. It was about a man with Aspergers. They said an Australian actress was in the movie. I'm pretty sure they said it was Rose Byrne. I might be wrong.

Well, I think I'm probably right. I peaked down at Lord Wiki's provided filmography. Byrne was in a movie called Adam. I think that was the Aspergers film.

Baby Rose was born in Balmain, Sydney 24 July 1979. Lord Wiki says her ancestry is Irish and Scottish. I dreamed a bit about Scotland last night. It was in a lucid dream. And like in most of my lucid dreams, I was trying to find something. In this dream, I was looking for a place I call Dream City. I asked someone how to get there, and they said I had to get something that was in Scotland. I think MAYBE it was at a koala exhibit at a zoo in Scotland. I was annoyed that I had to go all the way to Scotland, and decided I'd find another way to reach my goal. Although I never did. I probably should have just headed to Scotland.

Byrne's mom is a private school administrator, and her dad is a market researcher. They're both atheists. Byrne sees herself as being agnostic. That's interesting. I hope to learn more about that.

Byrne has a brother and two sisters.

She went to Balmain Public School, Hunter Hills High School, and Bradfield Senior College.

When Byrne was eight, she started working with the Australian Theatre for Young People. I'm looking at their website now. They have a Shakespeare class for five and six-year-olds. That's interesting. I'm sure (or hoping) it's geared down to their age.

Lord Wiki says Byrne attended The University of Sydney. He doesn't mention her getting a degree, so maybe she didn't finish with that.

It looks like Byrne moved to America in the late 1990's. She attended a NYC program called The Atlantic Theater Company. It was founded by David Mamet and William H. Macy. Who is Mamet again?

Okay. He's a writer, does screenplays, regular plays, and novels. He wrote The Verdict and Wag the Dog.

Now I shall move to IMDb to read about her career.

It looks like Byrne's first screen appearance happened in 1994....well, if you discount home movies and stuff like that. She would have been about fifteen. The movie was a comedy called Dallas Doll. I live about an hour away from Dallas.

The movie is about a golf player who seduces members of a family....or something like that.

The filming location was Sydney, so Byrne wouldn't have had to travel too far. Sandra Bernhard played Dallas. I knew who Sandra Bernhard was, but couldn't remember what she was famous for. The IMDb biography of her says she played one of the first openly lesbian characters on TV. That was on Roseanne.

In 1995, Byrne did a TV show called Echo Point. That sounds familar to me. Maybe I've written about it before. Oh yeah. Probably. Ryan Kwantan was one of the stars....Jessica Napier too.

Lord Wiki says it was a soap opera. It was supposed to compete with Home and Away. Well, it looks like Home and Away won that game. They're still on. Echo Point is gone. Here's a clip from the show. As the YouTube user warns, the quality is not that great.

In 1997, Byrne did two guest-star appearances on a police drama called Wildside. Jessica Napier was one of the stars of this, so maybe the two women got a chance to work together again. I wonder if they were friends at all.

In 1999, Byrne did three guest star appearances on Heartbreak High. This is the show featuring Abi Tucker. Byrne played Carly Whitely. This Heartbreak High website says Carly was a woman in a wheelchair. Or she was a sister of a woman in a wheelchair. I'm a bit confused, actually.

Also, in 1999, Byrne appeared in a crime-comedy with Heath Ledger. This was Two Hands. It's a gangster type thing. Wow. I kind of pictured it being a hardly-known crap film, but it won the 1999 AFI award.

Here's the trailer. Is that blond girl, Byrne?

Now Lord Wiki had said that Byrne went to that NYC acting school in 1999. I thought she had moved there, but here she's doing movies in Australia around that time. Maybe it was just a short-term program?

In 2000, Byrne was in a comedy-drama called My Mother Frank. It's about a mother who follows her son into the university life. There was a time that I feared Jack would never wean from breastfeeding, and I'd have to follow him to college.

Sam Neill's in the movie. I like him.

Also in 2000, Byrne starred in The Goddess of 1967. The plot sounds really intriguing. A man in Japan really wants a certain car. He finds a seller in Australia. But when he gets there, he finds the seller and his wife are dead. Their daughter is still alive. She and the Japanese man end up driving through the outback together.

Here's the trailer. That's one of the weirdest movie trailers I've ever seen.

Byrne won best actress from the Venice Film Festival.

In 2001, Byrne was in a short film called The Pitch. It was directed by a stunt man named Nash Edgerton.

YouTube has the film. It features a film poster for Chopper. It looks like it's a commercial for Tropfest. I think it's that short film festival in Sydney. Yeah. Here's their website. This festival was going on when we were in Sydney. I think it was in The Domain. Oh, but on the same day, they have festivals going on in other Australian cities as well.

It's free. Wow. That's cool.

In 2002, Byrne did an American film. This was Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Byrne played Dorme. The name is supposed to have an accent on the E, but I don't know how to do that. One of Lord Wiki's cousins, says that Dorme was one of Natalie Portman's handmaidens.

Dorme has her own fan-listing. Wow. I guess that happens when you're a Star Wars character.

Here's a fan video about Dorme. It pushes the idea that Anakin should have chosen her over Padme. These fans call this concept Dormekin. That's cute. Sort of.

Byrne did another American movie in 2002. This was City of Ghosts, starring and directed by Matt Dillon. It's about an international scam, and it involves Cambodia.

Here's the trailer. It doesn't look like something I'd like, but Tim might. The end of the trailer is cool though. They play Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" in Cambodian.

In 2003, Byrne did a British romantic movie called I Capture the Castle. The trivia page on IMDb says Byrne did all of her own piano playing. So I guess now we know that she can play the piano. Well, unless her character was really bad at playing the piano.

Here's the trailer. Rose plays someone named Rose. It looks pretty good.

Oh! I just saw that the American in the film is played by E.T's Henry Thomas!

Byrne was in three other movies in 2003. I guess this was a busy year for her.

One of the movies was The Night We Called it a Day. It was about Frank Sinatra (played by Dennis Hopper) visiting Australia. What was the other Australia movie that Dennis Hopper was in? Let me look through his filmography.

Well, his filmography is REALLY long, and I can't remember what the movie was. Oh well.

Here's the trailer for The Night We Called it a Day. It sounds like a good story, and Lord Wiki says it's based on true events. Sinatra calls a local reporter a hooker. Unions around Australia are offended, and black-ban the event until he issues an apology. The hooker is played by Portia de Rossi. I'm not sure who Rose Byrne's plays in the film.

Next we have The Rage in Placid Lake. I thought that it was a sequel to a horror movie. But this placid lake is a comedy starring Ben Lee. Here's the trailer. It's about a guy who wants to be an insurance salesman. It looks very unique.

And then there's Take Away. It's a comedy about fish shops. Stephen Curry is in that. He's the one that starred with Eric Bana in The Castle and The Nugget. Lord Wiki says Byrne plays the apprentice cousin of one of the owners.

I'm not seeing a trailer on YouTube. I think I'll just move on.

In 2004, Byrne was in that Eric Bana/Brad Pitt film...Troy. I just talked about that movie recently, and don't really want to talk about it again.

I'll just say that Byrne played Briseis. Achilles (Brad Pitt's character) kills her family. Then she becomes his war price. That sucks. Oh....but she ends up falling in love with him. How romantic.

Also in 2004, Byrne was in the American movie, Wicker Park. That sound vaguely familar to me.

It's about a stalker. From the plot description, I thought it was a romantic comedy. But IMDb says it's a drama-thriller. So, I guess it doesn't quite show the light-side of stalking.

Here's the trailer.

I don't really get it. It looks complicated.

In 2005, Byrne did the British mini-series Casanova. It was about Casanova.

Who was Casanova, again? Was he some romantic figure?

Lord Wiki says he was a womanizer. Yeah, I think that's how I know him.

Oh! This is funny. In that same year, there was a movie Casanova, starring Heath Ledger. I guess 2005 was Casanova year.

Also in 2005, Byrne was in The Tenants. IMDb says it was only 30 minutes long. I guess it was kind of a film short, although most film shorts are shorter than that....I think.

It's a movie about racial issues; it involves two writers. Snoop Dogg plays one of the writers, and Byrne plays his girlfriend.

Here's the trailer.

In 2006, Byrne was in a movie with Kirsten Dunst....Marie Antoinette.

Sofia Coppola directed it. I liked that other movie she did....Lost in Translation. Although I saw only about half.

Here's the trailer for Marie Antoinette. It actually looks REALLY good, or at least the trailer does. Have any of you seen it?

Also in 2006, Byrne did the movie The Dead Girl. It's an American movie, but has at least two Australians in it...Byrne, and Toni Collette.

Here's the trailer.

Lord Wiki says Brittany Murphy plays the dead girl. That's sad.

The movie sounds really interesting. It's made up of five stories, each of them connected by the dead girl. Toni Collette's story is about a woman who takes care of her verbally abusive mother. She's the one that finds the body. Byrne is in the second story. She's a forensics student, and prepares the body for an autopsy. While doing so, she notices that the body has the same birthmark that her missing sister had. Byrne's character begins to believe the body IS her sister.

In 2007, Byrne was in the science fiction movie Sunshine. It's about scientists trying to stop the sun from dying. A few months ago, Jack and I watched an educational film about the sun's future death. Jack was really upset about this, even though it's due to happen billions of years from now. I tried to comfort him by telling him by that time, scientists will probably have figured out a way to save the sun. If he gets upset again in the future, maybe I'll show him this movie. Although, I better make sure it has a happy ending.

The movie was written by Alex Garland, that guy who wrote The Beach.

Sunshine doesn't take place five billion years in the future. It takes place fifty years from now. Sometimes went wrong, and the sun is about to have a premature death. Yikes.

Here's the trailer.

It's funny. I don't think I've heard of this movie. I wonder if Tim has. Speaking of Tim and movies, yesterday he shocked me by watching Twilight. And he actually liked it! He also watched New Moon, since he had rented it for me a few days earlier.

I'm back to being obsessed with that series. I'm going to re-read the last two books.

Byrne was in two other movies in 2007. One was that horror movie sequel. 28 Weeks Later. I've never seen that one, or the first.

It's about some virus? Is it a zombie thing? Vampires?

Lord Wiki says it's about a virus that puts people in a state of rage. It kind of reminds me of that other movie. I am Legend. I really liked that a lot.

Here's the trailer for 28 Weeks Later. It looks pretty good. I need to watch the trailer for the first one.

Oh! The original movie written by Alex Garland....that Beach guy again.

The other 2007 Rose Byrne movie was Just Buried. It's a dark comedy, and the plot sounds fairly clever to me. A guy inherits a funeral home from his father. Then he learns the mortician is killing people in order to keep the funeral home in business. Byrne plays the mortician.

Here's the trailer.

Then starting in 2007, Byrne has been doing the show Damages. This is with Glenn Close. I think my parents might watch this one too. It's a law thing.

The AFI gave Byrne an award, in their international category. In 2009, she was nominated for an Emmy, but lost to Cherry Jones from 24. I accidentally typed 23 instead of 24. 23...the day that Jack Bauer actually gets a quiet relaxing hour of privacy.

In 2008 and 2010, Byrne was nominated for Golden Globe Awards. I have no idea what happened to 2009. No one from that show got nominations that year.

Here's a short promo for the show. Interesting. I'm not sure it would be my type of thing.

In 2008, Byrne did an Australian movie with Hugo Weaving. This was The Tender Hook. Here's the trailer. It's a period piece about boxing. I don't think it's something I'd like much.

Adam is the movie my parents told me about. The title character has Aspergers. My parents said they could see aspects of Jack in it. I believe Jack's slightly autistic, or maybe Aspie. I'm not sure.

Here's the trailer. The first part reminds me of Jack. He talks a lot about his obsessions, although I guess I do too.

Watching the trailer, furthers my conviction. Why do we call this a disorder or syndrome? Why can't we just call it a personality? Aspergers Personality. I'd be much more satisfied with that.

I think the real disorder belongs to those of us who feel compelled to label those who are different as being ill, diseased, disabled, disordered, etc. I used to fall into that trap, but I'm trying to get myself out of it.

My feeling is the only time a mental difference should be called a disease is IF it causes consistent and huge hardships for the individual. And then I'd say we have to discount any hardships that are caused by society prejudice. Is it hard to have Aspergers, or is it hard to have Aspergers in a society that's so rigid and unaccepting?

I'll step down from my soapbox....for now.

The guy who plays Adam kind of reminds me of this British guy that I had a crush on in college.

It looks like a really good movie.

Also in 2009, Byrne was in Knowing. I saw this movie! Or at least I saw part of it. Nicholas Cage is in it. It's a science fiction mystery thriller type thing involving a time capsule. I walked out at some point. I'm not sure why. Maybe I had things I needed to get done? I probably later asked Tim what the big mystery was. I can't remember the answer though. I wonder if it was something good.

Here's the trailer. Oh! I totally remember this. And I'm mad at myself for not watching the whole thing. It looks good.

I'm looking at the IMDb trivia page for Byrne now.

 In 2004, Byrne and an actress named Diane Kruger did two movies together....Wicker Park, and Troy. I wonder if the two of them are friends.

Her favorite actor is Jack Nicholson. Her favorite actresses are Susan Sarandon, Toni Collette, Cate Blanchett, Glenn Close, Juliette Binoche, and Judy Davis. Well, it's good she likes Glenn Close...since they're working together.

She auditioned for Home and Away, but didn't get a call-back.

Now I shall read and watch some interviews.

Here's one from March 2009. I think it's regarding Knowing. I got there by googling Rose Byrne agnostic. I'd like to know more about her beliefs.

I guess at a previous time, Byrne said rejection breaks her heart. The interviewer asks if this is still the case. Byrne says it does, if she was desperate to get the part. If she's not desperate, she doesn't feel a huge loss.

When I was job hunting in NYC, I remember becoming very excited about working at certain places. I'd do research on the company or school, and love it. I'd really want to work there. So that did make the rejection feel worse. Then there are other places, where I was actually kind of relieved I didn't get the job.

Now Byrne and the interviewer are talking about 2012. Byrne brings up the year and the prophesy. The interviewer mentions the movie. Byrne didn't know it existed. She seems pretty excited about it. Actually, she seems to be pretty into this whole 2012 thing. She says, Well the calendar just stops. It starts before Christ, and then it just stops. There’s no indication as to why it stops or how. It just ends there.

Maybe the guy who was making the calender it had to use the toilet, and he got eaten by wolves as he was on his way to relieve himself.

Now they're getting all philosophical. Byrne says she believes that it's a miracle we're here, but she believes we came about from chemical accidents.

Byrne says her mother is atheist, and her dad is agnostic. She says, I think the fact that there are so many different religions in the world immediately makes me suspicious. How can you know which one is right? Do you know what I mean? Is the Jewish religion right? Or is the Christian religion right? Or is the Hindu religion right?

But isn't that the same with pain relievers? They all claim to be the best. Right? Should this be a reason to stop believing in pain killers?

My feeling is there IS a metaphysical world. People tried to understand it, and they created mythologies and laws to make sense of it all. Then certain people got the idea that their myths were the TRUTH, and the only truth. It's not surprising. Even today, many people have this mindset. Their opinions are truth. Any counter beliefs and opinions are irrational, ridiculous, dangerous, etc.

Here's an interview with both Byrne, and her Adam co-star Hugh Dancy.

Byrne says there was a line cut from a scene in which Adam explains what Aspergers is. Beth says....and that differs from other men how? That's a great line. I wonder why they cut it out.

I remember reading a few years ago...this study in which they said teenage boys become autistic-like. Let me see if I can find it, make sure I didn't dream it.

Crap. I can't find it. Maybe I did dream it. But I don't think I did.

Well, here's SOMETHING. It's not about adolescents, but it actually fits in with the movie line better. There's a theory that autism is an extreme form of the male-brain. That's a pretty interesting idea. I don't think I've ever thought about it that way before. It makes sense to me, in a way. I think it would explain some autistic traits.

This Psychology Today article is pretty fascinating. They say autism may be an extreme male-brain, which they say involves systemizing and mechanistic thinking, treating other people as if they were logical systems or machines. If you take this tendency to an extreme, you would treat everyone as if they were machines without minds or feelings. Then what about an extreme female brain?

That would be schizophrenia. They say, the female brain tends toward empathizing and mentalizing thinking, treating machines and objects as if they were other people. They attribute minds, thoughts, and feelings to inanimate objects. Oh THAT is totally me. Am I schizophrenic? I have no idea. I guess if I am, I'm high-functioning. I seem to be getting along okay. And the big question is this. What if schizophrenics are not sensing that which is not there. What if they're sensing what is there, but can't be perceived by the average person?

I personally don't hallucinate much, so I'd probably can't classify myself as schizophrenic. The only time I've heard or seen things out of the ordinary is when I've just woken up or am close to falling asleep. I don't think that would count.

I'm more in line with this Schizophrenic theory, then the autism one. It doesn't really fit Jack at all. The traits I see in him that seem autistic are 1. delayed speech 2. sensitive to noise 3. obsessions 4. some difficulty in reading human emotions. 5. Extreme fears, and some outbursts related to that.

But Jack is very affectionate, which I don't think of as a male-brain trait. He's very kind and gentle, in a way that I don't see as being stereotypical male. I definitely don't feel that he sees me, or any person. as a machine.

I think there's this desire to easily classify people. You're autistic. You have an extreme male brain. You're schizophrenic. You have an extreme female brain. But I think it's more complicated then that. I think people probably have parts of their brain that are extreme this or that, and then other parts are more balanced. Maybe if you're all the way extreme, this is when you're kind of messed up and not functioning well.

There's a part of my brain that is hypersensitive. I also have an overactive imagination. But I think I'm mentally okay, because I also have parts of my brain that are very analytical. I'll often think things like She's mad at me. I can tell from the way she looked at me. She's pretending to be all nice, but in reality, I can totally tell...... But then I'll often stop and think, well, I COULD actually be wrong about that. And then another part says, I may be right. I may be point in dwelling on it. I'll think of something else.

I am TOTALLY on a tangent here.

I'm going to get back on the Rose Byrne train, and watch this Craig Ferguson interview.

Oh! Before I do that, one more thing. I know autism is more common in males. Is schizophrenia then more common in females? Well, this website says it's equal.

Okay. The interview.

I can't tell if Byrne is using an American or Australian accent. Maybe it's one of those hybrid things.

Byrne says that Australians have a more sarcastic sense of humor than Americans. Is that true?

A few days ago, I learned that Ferguson was Scottish not Irish. Now he's talking about Leprechauns, and saying they're part of his heritage. Maybe he's a mixture? Or are leprechauns part of Scottish mythology as well?

Byrne says Adam is a romantic-comedy. I imagined it to be more of a drama.

Starting at 3:50, Byrne is suddenly sounding very Australian. The accent is kicking in.

Oh, that Ferguson guy cracks me up. I need to watch his show more often. He says he doesn't know much about Aspergers and is afraid he might offend the Aspergers community. Then he says, But then again they wouldn't be able to pick up on...... Well, since Byrne had said part of Aspergers is not being able to read people.

Byrne says no. They would pick up on it. They're very intelligent.

Ferguson gets this, but then says maybe if he did it with body language.....

I'm probably doing a horrible job explaining this. It's best if you just go and watch the interview yourself.

I think Ferguson might be my new favorite comedian. Well, it would be a close tie between him and Stephen Colbert.

Byrne and her boyfriend went camel-riding in India. Cool. I wonder if she realizes that she could do that in Australia as well.

That's probably not the best way to conclude this, but I'm going to anyway.

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