Friday, April 2, 2010

Well, Darwin DID land in Australia, actually.

I got an email from one of my new friends this morning. In the email, he told me about the whole Kevin Rudd and Robin Williams thing. For those who haven't heard, Robin Williams made jokes about Australia during a David Letterman interview. Kevin Rudd spoke out against the jokes. The one that seems to have brought the most offense is Williams saying that Australian are basically English rednecks.

My friend was offended by the whole thing—not by what Robin Williams said but by Kevin Rudd's reaction.

I went to watch the controversial interview.

Honestly, I didn't find it to be that funny. I don't think I laughed once. On the other hand, I think Rudd has really embarrassed himself by speaking out against the jokes. From what I've heard, Australians pride themselves on having a great sense of humor. They're all about taking the piss. So what does it say about a country if they can dish it out but not take it?

The good news though is it's NOT about a whole country. I've been looking at comments about the whole incident, and most I've seen are from Australians who are embarrassed by Rudd's reaction. Many of them seem to think Williams was hilarious.

Blarghbarlgh on YouTube says: as an aussie i can say that was pretty funny
except for his accent don't think i've ever herard anyone talk like that apart from americans doing a bad impression of us so... oh and he started talking about aussie rules footy and ended up talkin about league. any one who was offended by this hasn't really got the aussie attitude we all enjoy a bit of a laugh.

Russ 7189 says
Can we get Robin to do our tourism advertising? He's brilliant!
Make him an honourary citizen I say, and AFL do wear shorts that are too small

There ARE some who agree with Rudd. Caleb 1808 says,
Anyone that finds this dickhead not offenive must be from NSW abd we all know they are victoria's redneck cousin, I am a proudy queenslander and we take pride in our country and dont like this cockhead speaking in such a manner about our country.

Caleb 1808 went down the same path as Rudd. In order to defend "his people" he went along and insulted another group. Let's take this opportunity to bash New South Wales folks! In defending Australia, Rudd decided to target Alabama. He said,
Robin Williams should go and spend a bit of time in Alabama before he frames comments about anyone being particularly redneck.

Of course now, the governor of Alabama is angry. He said, I'm not sure if Prime Minister Rudd has ever been to Alabama. If he has, he would know that Alabamians are decent, hard-working, creative people.

A reader in Alabama commented in an Alabama newspaper. I'm going to go to the zoo and punch a kangaroo in protest.

Great. Now we're going to end up getting PETA involved in this whole mess.

Really. The Robin Williams thing didn't make me laugh, but all this fighting is totally cracking me up.

It's also making me sad—disappointed in humanity. All these people are getting offended, and defending their people in very immature ways. It seems so childish. But you know who I think DOES have the right to be really offended. Rednecks and bogans!

They're out there. America has its rednecks, and Australia has its bogans. How do they feel about this? By getting angry at William's comment, Rudd was insulting bogans. The same with the governor of Alabama.

It's kind of like if a comedian said something like New York should be called Jew York. To me, that's funny....and kind of true. If the governor of New York spoke out against that comment, I'd be offended. To me, he'd be saying there's something shameful about being Jewish.


I think Tony Abbott is probably rubbing his hands in glee right now.

I hope:

A) Rudd, Williams, and Mr. Alabama can make peace.

B) the Australians who already hate America won't use this to add more fuel to their fire.

C) the Americans who are confused won't start wanting to declare war against Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rest of Austria.

C) rednecks and bogans won't defend themselves by finding another group to offend. Hopefully they'll rise above all the stupidity.

D) the Jews don't jump in to cry foul over William's sock comments.

E) zoo animals don't get attacked by disgruntled humans.

F) Robin Williams educates himself about Darwin's visit to Australia.


  1. You are so right Dina.

  2. I like they use of the word "cockhead". I'm going to steal that.

  3. Michael: I liked your post. It's such a silly situation.

    Laura: lol. Yep. It's a good one.