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Bianca Chiminello

I'll get to Bianca Chiminello in a minute.

First I want to take care of some business stuff.

I know some people read this blog via an RSS feed, and that you refer to read the whole post that way. Unfortunately, something is going on with my feeds. They're not being picked up. It happened a few weeks ago, and I monkeyed around with a bunch of stuff....including changing from full feeds to short feeds. To make a long story short, for some reason, my feeds are being picked up only if I do the short version. Although it seems maybe some feeds are picking it up? I don't know really. All I know is it's not being picked up by Google/Blogger. It's making me look like a lazy person who hasn't posted in DAYS. I wouldn't mind looking like that if I was taking a holiday. But I'm not. I'm still working my ass here.

Second matter of business. I'm thinking of shutting down comments. It's probably the best thing for me. That way I won't need to expect too much out of people. I'll just imagine people would write very sweet supportive comments if they could.

I'm not a hundred percent positive about this. I'm going to try to force myself to think it over for several days. But sometimes I'm impulsive about stuff like this. By the time you read this, comments might be shut down.

I figure if anyone realizes they need to tell me something, they can email me.

Okay. Let's get on with Bianca Chiminello. I actually wasn't supposed to be writing about her today. I had another name on here, ready to go. Then I went to look up his name, and I can't find anything. I must have typed in the name wrong. The name I had was Andrew Lesline. When I googled him, they asked if I meant Andrew Leslie. I figured maybe I did. But there were two Andrew Leslies. One was Canadian, and the other was from New Zealand. Then I figured maybe I had the last name right, and had been thinking of Andrew Henson (he was the previous guy on the list). But I can't find anyone with the last name Lesline. If any of you know of anyone, please tell me. I'm pretty sure he was an actor.

OR maybe I was being all psychic. Maybe there's going to be a famous Andrew Lesline in the future.

Oh wait. I think I found him. I went to IMDb. I think I meant to be writing about Andrew Lesnie....a cinematographer. I'm already here with Chimenello though, and I don't want to switch gears again. I think I'm just going to re-add Lesnie to the list. We'll get to him in a few months.

Lord Wiki says that Chiminello is known for being on Farscape, and in that movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Baby Bianca was born on 5 September 1975. She's a few years older than my sister, and a few years younger than me.

Lord Wiki doesn't say where she was born, but he says she grew up in Fitzroy in Melbourne.

As a child, Chiminello was into ballet. She attended the Victorian Ballet School. I wonder what percentage of their students have eating disorders....hopefully not too many. Maybe these days, the ballet schools are working harder to prevent such stuff from happening?

Chiminello attended Methodist Ladies' College. While she was doing the high school thing, a modeling agency discovered her.

In 1993, Chiminello won the Ford Model's Supermodel of the World Contest. She was taken to NYC, where she did modeling there. Then she spent some time in Europe modeling.

I wonder if that's fun. Modeling? I mean I can definitely see how it would be fun traveling. And I'm guessing models get some great perks. But is the actual work fun? Well, I guess it's a stupid question. Some people would probably find it great fun, and other people might find it to be incredibly boring.

Lord Wiki is kind of contradicting himself here. Earlier he said dance was Chiminello's first love. Now he's saying acting has always been her first passion. Maybe he thinks there's a difference between passion and love? I mean there is...sort of, but I'm not sure there's a difference in this context.

I'll look at Chiminello's career on IMDb in detail. One thing Lord Wiki says that caught my attention is that she's produced her own feature length film. That's pretty impressive. I guess I'm prejudiced. I have this image of a model being just a pretty face. Of course, that's not true. It's not like all people are either smart only or pretty only. Some are both. Some are neither.

In 2000, Chiminello was on Farscape. IMDb says she played Jenavian Charto in a three part episode called Look at the Princess. This Farscape website has a synopsis of the episode. I read about half of it, and then I got bored. It's probably more interesting to people who watch the show.

Lord Wiki's cousin has some information about Jenavian. When she first appeared on the show, she seemed to be a social-climbing snob. Later we find out she's secretly some kind of ninja fighting girl. I'm not quite sure if shes' supposed to be good or bad. Or I should say I'm not sure if she's working for or against the protagonists of the show. I'm confused.

Here's a Chiminello scene from Farscape. That's cute. But I'm seeing more and more that this show is not my thing.

I feel I should give it another chance though; so here's another scene. Chiminello has an interesting voice.

In 2001, Chiminello was in the TV movie The Lost World. In 2000, she had appeared on an episode of the TV show version. In both programs, Chiminello played Selena. Here's a scene from it. I think that was the TV show episode, and not the miniseries. It's about a woman-only type society. But they do NOT kill the boys. It's more of a separation thing.

So far, that show appeals to me more than Farscape. It looks interesting. What is it about in general?

Lord Wiki explaining the plot to me, and it sounds a lot like Land of the Lost. Both involve a place where prehistoric animals and people still exist. I think Journey to the Center of the Earth had that idea as well. I liked both movies, so I'd probably like The Lost World too.

In 2004, Chiminello was in the Farscape miniseries. Then in 2005, she co-produced a movie called Devil's Highway. She also had an uncredited part in the film. Would it be like a cameo?

The movie is about passengers on a bus who become possessed by something evil.

Now THIS is interesting. Someone claiming to be an actor from the movie says that the actors were never paid for the film. He or she is asking that people protest this by not watching the movie. I wonder if it's true.

Also in 2005, Chiminello did an episode of Charmed. Since I watched that show, and I'm interested in it, I'll break my rule of ignoring one-time guest appearances.

The episode Chiminello appeared in was called "Vaya Con Leos". It was part of season eight, which was the last season. I actually didn't watch the last season religiously. I saw some of the episodes, but I haven't seen all of them. I'm not sure if I've seen this one, or not.

In this episode, Piper is visited by the Angel of Death, and she's told that Leo is going to die. She tries to stop it by requesting help from various sources. One of the sources is an Avatar. Chiminello plays the Avatar. I don't think I've seen this episode then. I remember the Avatars from a previous season, but I don't remember them returning.

I forgot what the Avatar thing was all about exactly. It was one of those life-can't-be-too-perfect storylines. The Avatars presented a happy happy world with no evil. It sounded good, but then there were some major drawbacks. Maybe there was a lack of humanity? Emotion?

I just asked Lord Wiki to remind me. He says there utopia would involve a loss of free will, and also a loss of pain. I could probably do without the pain thing, but I wouldn't want to lose the free will. And also, I wouldn't want to NOT feel pain when something was supposed to be painful. I'd rather get rid of the thing CAUSING the pain, then the pain itself. I'm talking more about emotional pain here. I'm not trying to say people should avoid surgery, rather than getting the surgery and having anesthesia.

Here's a scene with Chiminello as an Avatar. Interesting. Poor Piper. In the end, I think things work out for her though.

In 2007, Chiminello did three episodes of a TV show called Dirty Sexy Money. The show starred Donald Sutherland and William Baldwin. I don't remember it.

Lord Wiki says the show was about a lawyer working for a rich family. Promos from the show featured a song from Lady Gaga. I mention that because the people we went to Hawaii with were REALLY into Lady Gaga. They were really into this song; and that was exciting to me because the actor in it is Eric the vampire!

Here's a scene of Chiminello on Dirty Sexy Money. It's a bit short.

In 2008, Chiminello co-produced another movie; Japan. Hopefully, they paid the actors for this one!

Patrick Muldoon from Days of our Lives is in it, and so was Peter Fonda. Oh, and Chiminello also did some acting in the movie.

The movie is not about the country Japan. It's about a hitman named Japan. While at a hotel restaurant, he strikes up a friendship with a guy who's been thrown out by his wife.

Here's a scene from the movie.

The acting seems a bit off to me.

Oh! The nonhitman guy is a scam artist. Well, that's an interesting twist.

By the way, I'm getting most of my videos for today from the BjCFnet YouTube channel. It's a Chiminello fan thing. Interested people might want to go over there.

Also in 2008, Chiminello was in Toxic, that movie with Costas Mandylor. I just talked about this recently, so I'm not going to talk about it again.

All right. This is funny. Well, at least to me it is. I thought Chiminello was one of the main stars of Benjamin Button. It turns out she just had a tiny party. Her character is the Ballerina Who Ties Up Shoelace. What? Am I missing something here? Lord Wiki says Chiminello plays Cate Blanchett's best friend. Maybe her best friend ties up the shoelaces?

Does anyone know anything about this?

Here's the trailer for the movie. I'm doubting Chiminello will be in it. But I want to watch it anyway. I need to see the movie someday. It looks good.

Here's a Chiminello fan page.

Her eyes remind me of HappyOrganist's eyes.

This page has a few personal things.

I hadn't known what Lord Wiki meant by her being discovered by a modeling agency. Did an agent just seeing her walking down the street one day? Was she looking pretty while buying a Mother's Day gift at a card shop, and someone noticed that?

I kind of thought it was one of those random luck things. But this page says she actually pursued the modeling thing. She and her friends took photographs in their backyard. Then without their parents knowing, they went to some modeling agencies. It sound like Chiminello got work almost right away.

Chiminello likes Eastern philosophy and Yoga.

She also likes film noir. I'm not a big fan of it.

Anyway, I think Chiminello is kind of at the beginning of her least the acting one. At this point, there's not much I can say about her.

So, that's it for now.

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