Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Lost Finale (Do NOT read, Grethe!!)

So....we watched the Lost finale.

I totally LOVED it.

I had feared it would be awful, and that after watching the ending, I'd never want to think about the show again. This happened with Seinfeld. I used to love that show, but the finale ruined it for me....the same with X-files.

Now after seeing the finale of Lost, I'm still totally obsessed with the show. I've been reading Lostpedia, and last night I watched the recap show. I had not wanted to watch it the night of the finale, because I don't do well with sitting four hours on my ass watching TV. I told Tim we'd tape it. If I didn't like the Lost finale, we could erase it. I wouldn't care. If I loved the finale, I'd want to watch the recap stuff.

One of the main themes of the finale (and last few episodes) was letting go. For me, the finale helped me let go of the need to have every little mystery neatly solved. I was one of those people constantly weary and frustrated with the writers. When are they going to solve this? They don't know what they're doing, do they? They're just making up questions, and they themselves have no idea what the answer are. Honestly, I still stand by those criticisms. I think the science fiction and mystery aspects of the story were a bit silly and inconsistent. I think the writers WERE a bit lost themselves when it comes to that. They led us on a wild goose chase.

As I wrote in a previous post, to me the beauty of the show was the characters. And when it comes to the character, I think the writers and actors did a fantastic job.

The ending of Lost was much more about the characters than it was about the mysteries. The characters in the flash-sideways world start remembering their lives and relationships on the island. This led to MAJOR crying from me. Usually, when I cry during a TV show, book, or movie, it's just a few tears. I may sniffle a tiny bit. During the Charlie, Kate, and Claire scene, I was sobbing....loudly.

In the end we find out that the flash-sideways was not the time-traveling thing we expected it to be. It was the afterlife. All the characters have died at different points of their life, and now they're together. It was a bit corny, but I totally love all that stuff. I can imagine that most atheists would hate the ending. I'm guessing they were hoping that there was a scientific explanation for most events on the show. When we all first started watching Lost, we didn't know where the writers were taking us. Was this a show where things seemed strange, but they could be explained rationally; or was this some kind of religious/spiritual thing?

It ended up being the latter; and I'm glad for that.

I'm also actually glad to be totally wrong about my Man-in-Black theory. I thought he was Locke. I mean I thought somehow John Locke had gone back in time to become the smoke monster. I couldn't figure out how it happened, but I was convinced that it did. There were little hints leading me to believe that, but the main thing was that the fake Locke acted so much like the real Locke. I recently learned this is because Terry O'Quinn acted through out the whole season five, not realizing he wasn't Locke. The writers never told him.

My earlier interpretation was that Locke, the man with the most faith, ended up completely disillusioned. That turned him evil. Then the man who loved the island became the monster who'd do anything to get off the island. Although I thought that plotline was absolutely ironic and brilliant, it made me a bit sad. Locke is the character I identify with the most. He's lonely, pathetic, ignored, and rejected. Yet at that same time, there's something special about him...or at least he HOPES there's something special about him. He believes he has a purpose, and that gives him strength and hope.

It was kind of disturbing to imagine the character I could relate to most would turn out to be the most evil.

But he didn't. So, that's a relief.

In yesterday's post, I talked about how Lost reminded me of my spirituality...especially the Australian side of the story. I often feel I was led to Australia for a reason. I get all these weird clues....dreams and coincidences. I feel I'm being led in some fascinating direction, and that soon I'll get some real answers. It doesn't happen. I'm so lost. I don't understand any of it. After watching the last season of Lost, I'm convinced my spirit guides are like Jacob. They give me messages I don't understand, and they lead me in directions I might not even really need to be. I have tried to have all this faith in them, thinking they must know what they're doing...even if I don't always understand. But now I'm thinking they might be as lost as I feel. I think they want to do what's best, but I don't think they always know what's best. Despite any mistakes they might have made though, I'm enjoying the ride...well, at least on most days.

In the finale of Lost, I learned that the most important thing wasn't solving the mysteries. It was about the relationships. It was about friendships, soulmates, forgiveness, and reconnecting. This isn't the first time I've thought of my Australia obsession in this way. I've come to believe I should stop asking so many why's and just be grateful for all the people I've been led to. The finale of Lost has reaffirmed that message for me.