Friday, May 28, 2010

Things I Learned from the Characters of Lost

Yeah. What can I say? I'm having a hard time letting go.

So I've decided to make a list of lessons I can learn from the characters of Lost.

Juliet-If it seems possible that a major electromagnetic event is about to happen, stay far away from any metal.

Kate-If your friend goes insane and tries to kill you, try to still love them and help them out.

Richard-If you feel suddenly very disillusioned, this doesn't mean you need to commit suicide. There may still be hope. Hold on a little bit longer.

Michael-Do not murder innocent people to save those that you love.

Daniel Faraday
-At times, it might be wise to be wary of your mother.

Sawyer-Sometimes it's really hard to let go of anger, but eventually you will....probably.

Sayid-Even if you did horrible things in your past, you can still do good things to later redeem yourself.

Sun and Jin-A broken marriage can be fixed...even one that involves secrets and adultery.

Ben-If the one you see as your spiritual leader keeps inspiring you to do evil things, maybe you should consider the idea that you might be on the wrong path.

Claire-If a woman loses her child and is abandoned by friends, she might go insane....even if she was sweet and cute before all that.

Locke-Believe. Have faith. Don't depend so much on other people's approval and validation.

Charlie-If you have an important message to write down, and you don't have paper handy....write it on your hand. And also....sometimes people sacrifice their lives in a very heroic way, but the sacrifice ends up causing more harm than good.

Hugo-If you're stuck in a place with disgruntled people, try to make it fun somehow.

Try to keep an open-mind. If someone tries to convince you of something, at least be somewhat open to believing them.

Ethan-Try not to stick people with too many needles.

MIB-If you're an immortal monster, don't be too cocky about it.

Ilana-Even when you're the most angry, be willing to listen to someone's excuses. And be open to forgiving them. Oh, and very cautious when dealing with explosives.

Libby-The delusions that put you in a mental hospital may actually be based on truth.

Jacob-Even if you have really good intentions, it's not nice to make people feel trapped.

Desmond-Sometimes the huge mistakes we make end up helping other people find their destiny and soulmates.