Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Media in Melbourne

Lord Wiki says there are three main Melbourne newspapers. I think I've seen all of them. They are the Herald Sun, The Age, and The Australian.

The homepage of the Herald Sun says that Ryan Kwantan is going to write a sex guidebook. Interesting.

Oh wait. I got that wrong. The three newspapers aren't published in Melbourne. I had been about to say that I didn't realize The Australian was published in Melbourne. It turns out it's not. The three newspapers above are ones READ in Melbourne, not published.

Lord Wiki uses the term served, actually. I think he's saying that these newspapers are the ones readily available. Although MANY newspapers are available if you go the online route.

Now I'm onto television stations. They pretty much have local versions of national networks. We have that here. There's ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc. Then each city has a local station that broadcasts the network.

Australia has 7, 10, 9, ABC, and SBS.

What I don't know yet is the national headquarters of all the stations. I think, in America, most of our network headquarters are in NYC. Although then there's studios in Los Angeles.

Where are most of the studios in Australia?

Lord Wiki says there's an ABC studio in the Melbourne suburbs of Ripponlea and Southbank. But I'm not sure if that's the national studio, or the local version.

Melbourne has a community television station. This is C13. I encountered this in one of my biography posts. Maybe it was when I wrote about Rove? Or maybe it was Hamish and Andy? I forget.

Awesome! C13 has videos you can watch online. Maybe I'll do this site when I'm done playing on the Australian Screen site. .

Now for radio stations....

Well, actually there's too many to name. I'm feeling lazy.

I've heard of Triple J and Triple M.

This is my first time hearing of NOVA 100...well, as far as I can remember.

And there's others.

I used to listen to the upcoming artist stuff on Triple J. That was fun. I haven't done it in awhile.

Here it is. Triple J Unearthed.

Good! I remembered my password.

I'm trying to listen to "Welcome Here" by Penny and the Mystics. I picked that one because it's number 7 on the chart, and 7 is my favorite number.