Friday, June 11, 2010

How Did You Know That?

I had a few Australia and blog related dreams.....

1. Tim and I are wanting to take a trip to Australia in August. We have to go to this ticket counter that's right near the on the beach or dock. They have a board that lists the trips available. There's nothing for August, but I think they have stuff in May. We start to talk to the people working at the counter. There's a woman with blond hair, and a man. They're very friendly, in a kind of fake we-want-to-please-our-customers way. The woman tells the man that I imitate Australian accents. He seems cheerfully intrigued. I'm wondering how she knew that. For some reason, I assume the man is Australian, even though he speaks with an American accent. I guess I'm thinking I'm not the only one who fakes an accent.

I'm expecting them to want me to demonstrate the accent thing, so I tell them that I need to hear an Australian accent to do it. I expect the man will speak in his accent, and then I can copy him. He does say something, but it's just one word. Color. The fact that he can say only one word in an Australian accents makes me think maybe he's not Australian after all.

Then I end up out at sea. I have no idea why. I want to get back to land, so I kind of fly there. Well, it's more like hovering. I'm right above the water. I'm a little bit nervous because I see a lot of shark fins. As long as they stay underwater, I'm safe. But if they jump up to grab food, I'm close enough to be eaten. I'm also a bit worried that I might stop hovering, and fall into the water.

2. I'm talking to my sister and she know something that she couldn't know unless....She read my blog. I'm very happy that she's done this...FINALLY. She tells me she read an entry, and it seems she ended up liking it more than she expected.

I guess dream #2 was one of those wish fulfillment dreams. My sisters VERY rarely come to my blog, or express support for my Australia thing. It kind of hurts my feelings sometimes. So least now one of them is doing it in my dream. That's cool.

3. I'm at a restaurant. For some reason, we have people sitting with us that we don't know. One looks like this woman I used to work with in NYC. She died though, so I'm guessing it's just a coincidence. I talk a bit with this woman, and we don't get along very well. Then she suddenly knows where I worked when we lived in NYC. I'm all confused, wondering how she could know this. I'm wondering if she's somehow related to the woman I used to work with?

So, there was a common theme to these three dream; questioning how someone knew something.

I thought maybe it was some kind of spiritual message. But then I remembered something happened last night that probably led to the dreams. Jack suddenly mentioned Turkey and Israel....the whole boat thing. With amazement, I asked him how he knew that. He said, I know because you just told me two days ago! I remembered telling him about the flotilla incident, but I didn't realize I told him the boat came from Turkey.