Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thaao Penghlis and Julian McMahon

I've told my Thaao Penghlis story before. Basically, it goes like this: I had lots of intense recurring dreams about Julian McMahon. That eventually led to my Australia obsession...or at least was one of the main factors. Then, last year, I started having recurring dreams about Thaao Penghlis. I wondered what the hell was going on there. I thought this meant that now I had to stop being obsessed with Australia and become obsessed with Greece instead...well, because I thought Thaao Penghlis was from Greece. I was a little sad about that. Greece is fine and all, but I LOVE my Australia.

Anyway, last August I was shocked to discover that Penghlis was Australian! Yeah, he's still Greek. But he' a Greek-Australian.

This morning (but not really because I'm going to post this later) I was looking at past entries in my dream/spirituality journal and found this from June 6, 2009.

Dream of Thao Penglis from 2 years ago.

And three dreams of him this year......

What does all that mean?

About two months later, I'd learn what it all meant. Well, I still don't really know what it means. But it seems significant that he's Australian like the other soap opera actor haunting my dreams. Things come in threes. Should I expect recurring dreams about another soap opera actor? If it happens, I'll just go ahead and assume they're Australian.


I went back to read the Thaao Penghlis dream from June 6, 2007. That's about two months before my little secret love of Australia become a huge obsession.

The dream was a lucid one. I ride on a horse to get to my Dream City.

Julian McMahon was in the dream. And there's something about his name being Myla; (maybe like in a past life as a female. Who knows)

THEN Julian McMahon transforms into Thaao Penghlis. And I feel safer with him like that. There's this sense that he's less likely to disappear in that form. Although the problem with Penghlis (over McMahon) is I have trouble spelling his name. That might sound like a trivial thing. But when you're bad at spelling, it's kind of not. Well, maybe it is. Yeah. It probably is.

Later there's a part where McMahon gets shot. Although I'm not sure if he was himself or Thaao Penghlis by this point. It's so confusing. In the dream, I'm not worried about him. There's this sense that I've been through it all before, and I know everything will be fine.

That same night I dreamed that my cousin (who lives in Australia) was vomiting all over the place. She throws up. I'm disgusted, of course. Then she coughs as if she's going to vomit again. She throws up red stuff, and it splashes on Tim. Just in case that wasn't enough, she then projectile vomits all over Tim's face.