Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sumptuous Synchronocity

I gave Jack a little assignment. He had to look at a review of Super Mario Galaxy 2, and find a word he didn't know. Then he was supposed to find the definition and write a sentence. Well, he was actually supposed to GUESS what the word meant, and write a sentence. Then he was supposed to look up the definition. He didn't get my directions right though. Oh well.

Anyway, the word he chose was sumptuous.

According to one of the many online dictionaries, it means expensive or extravagant...magnificent; splendid.

A few minutes later I went to watch more stuff on the Australian Screen website. I've been watching the movie clips in alphabetical order. I'm on page four of the listings, and the next movie was Playing Beatie Row. I stopped to read the description of the movie:mo

Playing Beatie Bow has the sumptuous look and feel of a period film, thanks to its award-winning cinematography and production design.

I thought that was a pretty funny coincidence.

I mean I know it's not THAT rare of a word. But it's not something we often use or encounter. Well, I guess that's evident by the fact that Jack chose it as a word he didn't know. He's pretty good at vocabulary. If it was a word we used or encountered on a regular basis, he'd likely already know the definition.