Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Morris Iemma Sings and Ryan Kwanten Vomits

So here are my Australian-related dreams from last night.

1. My parents are interested in this Morris Iemma who's a singer. They want to find out more about him. I tell them that I know about Morris Iemma. He was a Premier of New South Wales. I say this as if I believe the politician Iemma must the same guy they're thinking about. But I don't necessarily feel that way. I don't even know if their Morris Iemma is Australian. It's more like I'm playing around with my parents....being a bit silly. Although I am wondering how common a name like Morris Iemma could be.

Later we do some research and find out that the Premier Iemma did do some singing in his past. So, I start thinking maybe he really did have a singing career at some point. Maybe he IS the Morris Iemma my parents wanted to learn about.

In some part in all of this, I suggest to my parents that they read my blog entry on Iemma.

2. I'm supposed to go on a walk with Ryan Kwanten (The Australian actor in True Blood). I'm trying to figure out what I should wear. It's supposed to be a work-out type walk, and I have work-out type clothes on, but I feel it's going to make me too hot.  I consider just not going, since I'll be too hot. But then I realize I can just wear shorts and a t-shirt.

Then I start thinking that Kwanten might not show up. It's not that I feel he's rude, and would purposely stand me up. It's just I understand that I'm probably more interested in walking with him, than he's interested in walking with me. It's likely he'll forget and not show up.

But he DOES show up. He's very nice. There's only one problem. He tells me he was late because he got sick. Sick as in vomit. That wouldn't be such a big deal if I didn't have a major vomit phobia.

Kwanten seems to feel he's better now, but he seems to have a twinge of worry that he might throw up again. I have that worry as well. It seems the decision is all up to me. Should we go on this walk, or not? What wish to walk with Kwanten, or my vomit phobia?

Kwanten wins, I think. We go on the walk.   Maybe. I'm actually not sure.

A walking part came at some point in the dream. I'm not sure if this was part of the Ryan Kwantan adventure of not.

Anyway, in the walking dream.....

There's some kind of evil being wrecking havoc on the world. It has magical powers and can cause mass delusions and hallucinations. My walking partner (maybe Kwantan) and I are going to cross a bridge. As we get partly across, I start to realize the evil one is likely to make us feel the bridge has disappeared. Or I guess I feel he's actually going to make it disappear. And we'll all fall into the water. Everyone else walks quickly across. I'm the slow-poke....making my way. I start to fear that what he'll do is make me the bridge disappear as I'm holding on to the railing of the bridge. Then I'll have to cross by holding on with my arms, and moving one arm after another. I'm not strong enough for that, and it terrifies me. I decide he's more likely to do this, than simply make the bridge disappear while I'm standing on it. I feel he doesn't want me to fall quickly to my death. He would want to terrify around with me. I make sure not to hold the railing.

3. My cousin writes a blog post in which she asks people to contribute to the post by writing words they think of when they think of Australia. I don't participate for some reason. Then later I see my cousin, and with an amused expression she asks how many words did I add to her post? Apparently, there are a lot of words in the post, and she thinks I'm responsible for many of them. I tell her that I didn't write any of then. It seems far-fetched that the girl who wished she was Australian wouldn't contribute anything to the Australia post. I worry that my cousin must think I'm lying.

4. In dream within dream fashion, I post these dreams on my friend's daughter's Internet page (maybe her Facebook wall?). It seems appropriate when I post them, but then later I realize it probably wasn't such a good idea. I decide to go and delete it.