Sunday, August 22, 2010

The American Vote

I had a lot of Australia-related dreams last night.....

1. On Facebook, some American page/group I belong to  has a message saying they think Americans should tell Australia who they support in the election. There's mention of the Liberal party. This makes me mad because I misunderstand and think they're going to tell Australia that America supports the Liberal party. I hate the idea that they think they can speak for everyone.

But then I see that they're going to have a vote first. Then they'll send on the message. I want to vote for the Greens....of course. But I don't know if that will be counted. I'm wondering if I should vote Labor instead.

This reminds me of something from real life. A few months ago, when the American health bill was FINALLY passed...The Governor of Texas wrote stuff on his website about how he was going to fight on our behalf against this bill. That didn't sit well with me, at all. I support the health care bill, and I know other Texans do as well. I understand the leaders of where I live are not always going to have the same agendas and opinions as me. But I don't was the way he said it. There was no recognition that some of us support the bill.

While we're on the subject of Rick Perry. I absolutely despise the man because not only does he proudly state that he's against gay marriage, but gay civil unions as well. I hate living in a state that has this attitude.

Okay well, I just took a break from writing this post, so I could write Rick Perry and share my opinion with him.

Back to my dreams....

2. We're on holiday somewhere. New York, I think. Jack and I decide we want to get ice-cream. Then we're with our Tassie/Hawaii friends (the ones I often dream about). We lose Molly (the teenage daughter), somehow. We're not sure if she's purposely run away, or just got distracted, and went in the wrong direction. We don't make a big fuss about it. We figure the police will spot her, and bring her back to us. But then I remember she's not a child. The police won't question a teenage girl walking around by herself as they might if they saw a five-year-old child walking on her own.

We end up back at our hotel. Someone (maybe Tim?) says he's going to go find her, and bring her some tacos. I'm wondering if the tacos will stay good through the search.

Then I'm alone in the hotel room, and there's a kangaroo in there. I'm not surprised about this, but I seem to be fairly happy about it. How fun! How cute! But then I start thinking he might poop all over our bed. Plus, he's a bit aggressive. He's not really mean. It's more like he's overly friendly. I remember that kangaroos can be dangerous, the strong legs and all that.

3. We go out to dinner with the Hawaii/Tassie friends. I order Australian wine, for some reason. It's a bit strange, since I don't drink. When they come to pour the wine, I realize it wouldn't be right to politely refuse it, as I usually do. Everyone else got a different bottle, so this bottle is all for me. Tim watches as they pour the wine into my glass. I feel very self-conscious about all of this.

4. There's a story...It starts out as a movie trailer. Then it re-starts, and my family is in the midst of it all. The only Australian bit really is the fact that a woman calls her husband after seeing the theatre production of Mary Poppins. Then all hell breaks lose, and there's some kind of horrible imminent attack.

My family is riding in a car. My dad is driving, I think. My sister is in the backseat with me and Jack, plus someone else. That someone else suddenly opens the car door and jumps/falls out. Our car is high up, on a bridge or something. So she falls a long distance. Then my sister suddenly jumps/falls out as well.

It's all weird.

There's these huge lines of people on the street.

We start to suspect something bad is happening. At the same time, I KNOW something bad is happening. It's like I'm playing a part, and know I'm in a movie story.

We stop and talk to some worker. Maybe a construction guy? We ask what's happening. He looks at us as if we're ignorant for not already knowing. He says Japan is planning to bomb us. It's going to be a major attack, and our only plan of defense is to put the children somewhere safe.

Later, we're talking to people in a room. I learn that by children, they didn't mean all the children....just their specific children. They're going to hide and save three kids. That's all. I give them grief about this.

Then someone asks WHY Japan is doing this. I tell them it's because they're the villains...simple as that. I then rub my hands together in villain fashion, and give an evil laugh. People in the room look at me as if I'm insane. Why am I not taking this all seriously? But to me, it's all just a movie thing.