Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Dursley's on Privet Drive

I'm rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. If I extremely exaggerate my own situation, I can kind of relate to Harry Potter and his relationship to the Dursley's.

The Dursley's don't like that Harry Potter is magic, and they avoid this subject as much as possible.

I have a person in my life who seems to be against the fact that I have a blog about Australia. Why? I don't know. Could it be all in my overactive imagination?


I mentioned exaggerating because

A) I love doing my blog, but I can't say it's as magical as being a wizard at Hogwarts. Or maybe for me it is that magical. I might feel silly admitting that though. So I won't.

B) I have a happy life outside my blog, and I'm usually treated well by the people in my life.

C) The person who SEEMS to be uncomfortable about my blog isn't absolutely awful about it like the Dursleys are with Harry's magical powers and associations.

Anyway, I'm sure a lot of people can relate to situations like this.

We all have certain aspects of our lives that make other people uncomfortable. Maybe we take drugs. Maybe we're dating someone that others disprove of. Maybe we're Mormon. Maybe we're on the raw food diet. Maybe we're gay. Maybe we wear a fur coat in the winter. Maybe we have our nipples pierced. Maybe we march against abortion. Maybe we collect Beanie Babies. Maybe we passionately love a country that we don't live  in.

What's the best way to react when there's something about someone that you don't like?

I think I usually (hopefully) am honest about my feelings, but try to show support and/or interest in those aspects of a person that make me uncomfortable.

Let's say one of my friends went to an anti-abortion march. I doubt she would, though, because she's not into big crowds. But if she was okay with crowds and went.....

She knows how I feel about abortion, because we talked about it before.

She could go on my blog and see what I've written about abortion. It's not a secret.

But if she told me she was going, I wouldn't pretend I didn't hear her. I wouldn't give her a blank look, and then quickly change the subject.

I'd ask questions, tell her I hope it goes well, and then later ask about it. Now if she told me she planned to assassinate an abortion doctor, I probably wouldn't act so accepting. We all have our limits of tolerance.

I'm really not sure why someone would be bothered by me having a blog about Australia.

Maybe they think it's a waste of time?

Maybe they think it's foolish?

Maybe they just find the whole subject incredibly boring.

There's things my friends and family get excited about, and I can't bring myself to care too much. But see....I DO care. I don't give a crap about new houses, renovated houses, new cars, and new gadget purchases. But I do give a crap that someone is excited about this in their lives. I'd be tortured if they went on and on about it, and I was expected to listen. But I do manage to listen a little and squeeze out a....

That's awesome!
Oh cool! I'd love to see pictures.

Most people are really cool about me having this Australia blog. A lot of my friends and family read it on a regular basis, or at least occasionally. Then some of them will send me links to articles related to Australia. Or they'll say they heard something about Australia, and they thought of me. I love that. It's very sweet.

Some of them might not read my blog much, or bring up Australia very often....but if I bring up the subject, they'll listen and act interested. They won't change the subject, and they'll actually contribute to it.

It feels weird to have someone avoid the subject so much.

It feels weird to bring up a subject so important to you, and get that blank bored look.

It's weird for someone to ask you a bunch of's Tim? How's Jack? Are you excited to go to London? What's going on with you? How does Tim like his new job? But then they won't ask you about something so special and important to you.

But hey...who am I to complain?

At least I'm not living in a cupboard under the stairs.