Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Exciting Melbourne News


Australia has it's first Green politician in the lower house of Parliament!

Does it sound like I know what I'm talking about?

Good. Glad I fooled you guys.

All I know really is that it's a big step for the Green party. AND it's a big step for Melbourne, because the new member of Parliament is the member for Melbourne.

His name is Adam Bandt.

He's in support of gay marriage. It's so refreshing to see a politician that is decent and progressive in this manner.

Bandt has a blog thing, but it looks like he's only updated twice.

He has a Facebook page. I joined. I tend to join everything these days. I have a Facebook joining addiction.

Speaking of Facebook pages....if you're a regular here (or plan to be) and you didn't know this blog has a Facebook page too. I'd be delighted if you'd joined. Then I can feel loved.

Anyway, MAJOR congratulations to Melbourne.

I was all teary-eyed when I read the news. Not too big a deal though. I get teary-eyed quite frequently. The other day it happened when I saw the trailer for Guardians of Ga'Hool. I said to Jack, That's Australian. Then I got all choked up.

Yeah, so that's my life: joining Facebook pages and crying.