Saturday, August 21, 2010


I'm going to have to learn more about this hung Parliament thing, if it happens.

It sounds kind

Interesting, at least.

I'm not going to be happy if Abbott wins.

Nor am I really excited about Gillard.

So, yeah. I think I prefer the hung thing.

Or maybe I should say I prefer whatever gives the Greens the most power.

In other news....

Didn't dream about the election last night. Instead I dreamed I was Harry Potter, and I needed underpants. Yeah. Try to interpret THAT one. Professor McGonagall helped me find some.


We had a nice birthday celebration with Jack yesterday. We went to THIS restaurant. Jack was extremely polite (like usual) and daring in his food choices (like usual). He tried elk, buffalo, and wild boar.

AND more....

I've been wasting major time taking those personality tests. I blame HappyOrganist for that.

I can't really find a definite match, but I seem to be either an ENFJ or INFJ....maybe a little of both.