Friday, August 27, 2010

I Don't Really Like Peter Rabbit

Here are some of my dreams from last night. They had a common theme.

1. My Dad works for AOL (American Online). He wants me to switch my blog to their blogging site, and he promotes this idea by telling me my blog will be in their search engine. I don't want to switch. I'm happy with Blogger, and I like that my blog is easily found on the Google search engine. But I worry about rejecting my dad's idea. I don't want to hurt his feelings, nor do I want to seem unsupportive of his connection to AOL.

I think this dream was partly influenced by a conversation with some potential new friends we met. We talked about having your blog on your own domain versus using something like Blogger. They helped me realize that the reason my blog IS easily found, and gets lot of visitors is that Blogger is connected to Google. So I guess those using Blogger get priority. Maybe?

Although my unschooling blog gets close to zero visitors. So, using Blogger is definitely not a full proof way to get people coming to your blog.

2. I'm having a shower soon (not the get-clean-type). At first, it seems like a wedding shower, but later it seems more like a baby one. My mom asks me to switch my registry over to another store. One of her friends has bought me EVERYTHING on my registry. But she used another store. I tell my mom I can just go to the original store, and cross everything off the registry....mark down that it was bought elsewhere.

Then I start getting unhappy about the gifts. It all has a Peter Rabbit theme, and it's my mom who picked it out.

I'm regretting all this, and thinking I should have gotten something with some kind of Australian theme.

So both of those dreams involved someone wanting me to make a switch.

Why did I dream about that theme?

I have no idea.

Ah....maybe it's telling me I need to switch nationalities! I should become Australian instead of American. Yeah. That's probably it.

No, seriously. I had one of those days recently....where I strongly regret living in Texas. Long story. I'll probably stick it in some post....someday. But those I-need-to-escape-to-Australia feelings resurfaced.

I might have a new Texan friend though (as mentioned above) AND my other Texan friend wrote me a very sweet email this morning. So it ain't all bad.