Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Love Libraries

I've been exploring the website of the State Library of Victoria, and I'm thinking that Tim, Jack, and I should spend a day here....or at least part of a day. From what I can see so far, it looks awesome.

First of all, there's this lawn where people hang out, relax, picnic, etc. We love that stuff. Hopefully, there's a good place to pick up food nearby.

There's a cafe called Mr. Tulk. I'm guessing maybe you can take away food from there.

I would love to spend some time looking at all the Australia books. Although I'm afraid I'll get overwhelmed, and not know which books to look at in the limited amount of time that we have. I'm going to make sure that I take some me-time, and have Tim watch Jack for awhile. That will make things a little better.

What can Tim do with Jack while they're there? They can look at kid books for awhile, but unfortunately Jack's not as much a bookworm as I am. Books will usually hold his interest for only a short time.

The cool thing is they have other stuff to do besides books.

There's a game room where you can play board games, AND play video games. Jack loves video games. I'm wondering though if it will be too crowded to be enjoyable. We should make sure to go during school hours so we only have to deal with other tourists and homeschoolers. Oh...there might be school groups as well. I forgot about that. Well, hopefully we'll end up going when there are not too many school groups.

If Tim and Jack need a break from games, they can go to the music room and listen to various songs. I think they'd both enjoy that.

And they have free internet access! Maybe we'll do internet here instead of buying it at the hotel or finding an internet cafe. It could save us some money.

I really love libraries. In my utopia world, all the schools would be shut down and turned into libraries. People would go there and learn what they WANT to learn. They'd read books, play games, watch movies, listen to music, attend seminars and club meetings, meet new friends, etc. Ah....that would be so nice.

I need to attend OUR library more. I have a shelf where I put my to-be-read books on, and I panic when it starts having too many empty spaces. I've been filling them up with books to read over again, because I don't want to keep buying more and more books. The library is that perfect solution that I don't utilize enough.

The truth is this though. I avoid the library because I hate the parking there. And once I had a collision incident. The good thing is it's walking distance. It's a bit too hot for that now, but when the weather gets better....

Tim works from home a few days a week, so I can use those days to give myself a nice walk and library visit.

I love being at the library. I love the thrill of getting new books. And it also makes me happy to see that there are other book lovers out there.