Monday, August 30, 2010

Losing Love For Australia and America

I had more Australia dreams.

1. I think about how my mom and I took a trip to Australia together. I guess it was some kind of mother-daughter bonding thing. We stayed in the Blue Mountains, but we never saw the Three Sisters. We have been back for weeks, and I start to feel guilty for not writing it down on my blog. Here she was nice enough to take me to Australia, but I didn't take the time to write about it. I worry that she's been to my blog, and is offended by me not mentioning it.

2. I see a newscast with Julia Gillard talking about how she supports the groups/movement who proclaim that marriage should be between a man and woman only. I'm offended by this, and decide to write on my blog that Australia is now on my shit list. I then realize America will have to be on my shit list as well, because they don't have nationwide gay marriage.

While we're on the subject......

I've been wanting to review the whole gay marriage thing. Which countries have legalized it?

I'm consulting Lord Wiki about this. What does he say?

Okay. The countries where it is legalized nationwide are

The Netherlands
South Africa

I give all those countries a standing ovation; well, not literally. But I give it in spirit. I'm too lazy to stand up right now.

There are five American states which do gay marriage.

Those are:

New Hampshire
Washington D.C

Iowa really surprises me. I wouldn't expect it there. I'd more expect it in a place like Washington state.

And what about Hawaii? I thought that was a big place for gay people to get married.

I guess I'm wrong. This website lists Hawaii as not being gay-marriage friendly. That's sad.

Anyway, the above countries and states are ones in which gay marriage is recognized AND performed.

Then you have states and countries where you can't have the wedding....but the state will recognize your marriage. That's not too bad.

This includes Mexico and Israel. And in Mexico, you can have the wedding if you go to Mexico City.

There's others like that as well, but I'm not going to list them right now.

Here's a whole website about gay marriage in Australia. They say that Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, and the ACT have civil unions. But there's no gay marriage....yet.

From what Lord Wiki says, it seems all the Australian states are at least somewhat accepting of gay relationships. They're just not yet brave enough to take that final step. Hopefully, it shall happen soon.

I honestly used to not see the big deal about gay marriage. I felt as long as people could have a legal union/relationship, marriage wasn't that much needed. Then I saw a video (sorry don't remember the link) that helped me understand things better.

If I remember correctly, one of the things they talked about was how marriage helps bring someone into the WHOLE family.

Let's say Jack ends up being gay. If he has a civil union with the man he loves, that man will simply be known to me as Jack's partner, and/or Jack's boyfriend. But if Jack marries the man, he become MY son-n-law.

I think marriage helps legitimize the relationship.

And yeah. Some people don't need this legitimization. Our good friends have been in a relationship for over ten years. They're not married. I think most of us take their relationship seriously by now. They seem satisfied.

But I think people should have a CHOICE.

Marriage is not for everyone. No. But if people don't get married, it should be because they don't want to. It shouldn't be because they're facing backwards minded discrimination.