Friday, August 6, 2010

Should I Steal Wood Scraps From Australia?

I had Australia dreams last night.....

1. We're in Australia, and it's our last night there. I suddenly notice that the place we're staying at has all these wood scraps. I have this moment of total Australia love...loving on these wood scraps simply because they come from Australia. I think about how wonderful it is to be in Australia and to be surrounded by Australia stuff. But there's a sense that I took it too much for granted, and now it's our last day.

I think about stealing a piece of wood, and taking it home. I feel it must be the wrong thing to do though. For a moment I do consider ignoring my conscience; but then I decide Jack will find out, and it will make him nervous. He'll say something in customs, and get us in trouble. I decide not to do it.

Then I notice that not only are there wood scraps here, but also a whole woodworking table. (A few months ago (in real life), Jack had expressed interest in doing woodworking) I point the table out to Jack, and express regret that we didn't use it during our Australia holiday. Jack doesn't seem very interested.

2. We're in Australia, but it's like I'm also at my our Texas house is in Australia. Our friend Alex (part of the Hawaii gang) is there with us. He offers to take Jack to the playground. I think I had been busy with something, and was going to meet them there later.

Then they return to the house. Jack is crying hysterically. I can hear him through the door. I assume he had some minor injury, and is overreacting. I'm thinking that poor Alex must be terrified. But then when I take Jack to comfort him, he seems to be in true pain when I touch his side. I start to think that he's more injured that I imagined.

3. Nicole Kidman (or a part she's playing? Not sure, really.....) is one of those people who offers themselves as food for vampires. She does something to hurt a vampire, and the vampire's friend seeks revenge. He starts feeding off Kidman. She thinks it's all in good fun, and feels no threat....until she starts giving up more blood than she usually has in the past.

Yes. Very True Blood inspired.

4. We're in Australia, and return to this rental home we had stayed at (not in real life). It's this lovely white house. The man who rented the house to us is there, and he remembers name. I feel bad because I don't remember this man's name. A name comes to me, and I use it. I end up being wrong, and feel quite embarrassed. But I'm thinking although he remembered Jack's name, he didn't remember my name. So we're kind of even.