Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hey Tim....Read This Post!

I could just send Tim and email, or go downstairs and tell him what I just saw.  But I figure other people may benefit from this information.

On the That's Melbourne site, there was a link to The Humble Vintage Bike Hire.   They rent out bikes, and the rental includes a helmet.  Helmets are required by law in Melbourne. I'm not sure if I knew that already or not.  I hate knowing things, and then later not knowing them. I guess it does keep me in a state of wonderment. Five months from now, I'll read that helmets are required in Melbourne, and I'll probably say. Wow, I never knew that!

The price seems fairly reasonable to me, but I'm awful at judging things.  Tim will tell me if I'm wrong or not.   It's 30 dollars a day, and 80 dollars a week.   Yeah.  That does sound like a good deal...especially if you go for the week option.  It sounds almost too good there was a typo or something.  I'm thinking Tim should rent a bike for the week when we're in Melbourne. That will be fun for him. 

Poor Tim is sick right now. And speaking of health, my dad is FINE.  Thankfully. If you sent positive thoughts our way, we thank you.  If you worries.   That happens.  If you sent negative thoughts...well, HA!   It didn't work.   I'm just being silly.   Don't worry.  

Oh!  I just noticed. Not only do you get a helmet with your $80 dollar a week bike, you also get a map, lock, and light.  That's pretty cool.