Monday, October 18, 2010

Lady Gaga Videos and Bad Weather in Melbourne

Here are my Australian dreams from last night:

1. Jack and I make a video of us dancing to a Lady Gaga song. It turns out to be surprisingly awesome. It has cool flashing light effects and great editing. We put it online, and we can see from Statcounter who views it.  We get a lot of hits from Melbourne. 

2. We're in Sydney. It's the beginning of our Australian holiday. We plan to go to Melbourne next, but it's not written in stone. We haven't gotten flights yet, nor do we have arrangements for accommodations. Someone tells us NOT to go to Melbourne,  because the weather is bad; we should wait.  I'm thinking it's nice we can be flexible.  But then I start thinking if we don't go to Melbourne next, it will mess up our other plans. I'm thinking maybe the weather isn't as bad as the person suggested, and we can go anyway.  

Oh, and then I had this dream.   It's not Australia related.   It's one of those weird-random-celebrity dreams.

3.  I'm with some girl (I don't know in real life). We're outside somewhere, and from a distance we see Naveen Andrews. My friend is starstruck, and wants to bother him with her gushing. I'm embarrassed by this. I don't like the idea of bothering celebrities, and I don't want any part of it. I decide to stay back.  But then somehow I end up in the midst of the encounter. I think she says something to Andrews, but instead of talking to her, he talks to me. I think I hear him use my name.   I find this to be strange, and figure I must have imagined it.  

I really have no idea why I dreamed about Naveen Andrews.  He hasn't been on my mind lately. It's so RANDOM.

Lady Gaga was less random.  We listened to her music on the way to Dallas yesterday.  Then I reminded Tim about how his uncle was talking about her as if she was the Messiah. His uncle seems to be a huge fan. I'm not knocking him. I tend to believe that JK Rowling is some type of Messiah.    She's probably the one entity in the world I'd be willing to worship.