Thursday, October 14, 2010

Parramatta Preschool

I was not surprised to have an Australian related dream last night.  I was so obsessively researching Sydney last night.  At the same time, I was busy giving my sister advice (solicited!)  about preschools.

I'm looking at a list of preschools my sister has given me.  One of them includes the word Parramatta.  (Maybe the school was on a street called Parramatta?   I can't remember)  I start to think maybe this synchronicity is a sign.  It could be saying that my sister should choose the Parramatta school? Or maybe seeing Parramatta on the preschool list is a sign telling me that we should choose to stay in Parramatta when we go to Sydney. 

Speaking of synchronicity....Yesterday morning, when I was reading my daily seven of past Livejournal Entries, I read a post in which I complained that my sister was questioning my inclusion of "Ava Maria" in her wedding video. Then later we watched a rerun of Modern Family, and they played "Ava Maria" in the episode.  Do any of you watch that show?  It's pretty great. We've just recently become fans. 

In other dad has been in the hospital all night because of heart rhythm issues. I think (hope!) it's nothing too serious, but please think some positive thoughts for us. Thanks!