Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shot or Mist?

I had a sort-of Australian related dream last night.

We go somewhere and my sort-of Australian cousins are there.  It's a surprise to me. I had no idea they were going to be visiting America.  I'm very happy and excited to see them. We hang out together.   Then I remember they all have the flu, and I have us back away from them. They're very understanding and nice about it.   

I dreamed my cousins have the flu because they really DO have the flu right now. Hopefully they'll be restored to good health soon.    

And on top of that, Tim, Jack, and I talked about the flu vaccine yesterday. Tim announced that we probably need to get flu vaccine this year.  Last year, we got them and said we'd never do THAT again.  Jack and Tim got the nasal spray vaccine, and Jack ended up getting pretty sick.  I thought maybe it was just a coincidence, and Jack had contracted H1N1 around the time we had been getting vaccinated for the other flu.  

Anyway, the reason we're planning to get the vaccine is my sister is a nurse practitioner, and a total vaccine pusher. Get your shot!  Get your shot! She might as well wear a t-shirt and hand out stickers.   She just went to a nursing conference where they pushed the importance of the flu vaccine, so she's become even more zealous lately.  I gotta wonder who sponsored this conference. Yeah.  I'm suspicious about such things.

It's not our health really that my sister is concerned about. It's her baby. He's a little thing still, and can't get a vaccine of her own. She's worried for him. And that's why we'll do it probably. I'm really not big on believing that the flu is risky enough for our age and health group. But it IS risky for babies.  I don't want to endanger the kid with my germ-filled sneeze.

Now we just have to decide whether we should get the shot or spray.   I'm definitely going the shot route.  Last time I got it, I didn't even feel it.   I checked the CDC website, and they DO say that the spray can cause flu symptoms.   I told Jack it's his choice. He can get the shot which will probably not hurt.   Or he can get the spray, and he might get sick again. He's been terrified of shots in the past, so I can't blame him if he does the spray. But the kid also HATES being sick.   For now, he's saying he wants the shot.  

Back to the subject of dreams.  I had another big cat dream, but this one had an interesting variation.   We were at home, and suddenly a little kitten appeared. How cute. But then there was another kitten...except it wasn't a cat kitten. It was a tiger cub.  I got myself all confused, thinking this is something that would happen only in a dream, but I'm NOT dreaming.  Of course, I was wrong about that.   Oops.

In other news...

We're in Mississippi right now.    Soon we shall be on the road again. 

I always hope to run into Australia-related things while traveling, so I can talk about them here.

I saw these Kangaroo gas stations.   Tim says it's a chain. Then I saw a sign for an Outback themed casino. They had a koala on the sign. I didn't think there were koalas in the outback. Maybe I'm wrong about that.  But the outback is a desert and deserts don't often have a lot of trees. Koalas need trees. 

I probably AM wrong though. There were two koalas in The Koala Brothers, and that took place in the outback.  Then again, they also had a penguin. I'm really doubting that penguins hang out in the outback.   

This website has a map of koala distribution. It looks like the koala keep more to the coast. They go out a bit out towards the center, but I'm not sure if they reach the outback or not. I'm going to vote no, but don't take my word for it. Remember, I failed Oprah's Australia test.