Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This is Cool...Literally

I've been hanging out a bit on the That's Melbourne website.  I came across a link to this interesting attraction.   It's called Chill On Ice Lounge and Ski Lounge. It's full of stuff made of ice.  You go there to drink and be cold. 

The couches are made of ice. Your drink glasses are made of ice. The counter is made of ice.  Wow.

I'm not a big fan of the cold, but I think Jack might be charmed by it. I worried about having to pack major winter clothes for this one little excursion. That would be a pain.  But no fear. They provide winter clothes for you!

Uh....maybe I change my mind about going.   For adults, it costs 30 dollars for 30 minutes.   Not that I'm bothered by the 30 minute time limit. That's probably all the cold I could stand.  But 30 dollars?   It's not that the experience isn't worth 30 dollars, but I think I'd rather spend my 30 dollars doing something else.

Well, I'll tell Tim and Jack about it.  Or they'll read about it on the blog.   It's something that would interest them more than me.  Maybe they'll go, and I'll stay Tim did with The London Eye.  Sometimes it's nice when one of us opts out of a pricey thing. It saves us some money.