Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tjanabi in Melbourne

Today I was looking at the Aboriginal Tourism Victoria website.  They have a link to an Aboriginal website that looks REALLY nice.  It's called Tjanabi.  How in the world do you pronounce that?  I have no idea.   

It's on Flinders Street, in Federation Square. I think it's likely that we can make our way over to that area.   

The founder of the restaurant is Carolynn Briggs.  I googled the name, and found websites naming her as a Boonerwrung elder.  I'm guessing this same Briggs is also the one who owns the restaurant.    Briggs isn't a common Aboriginal name, is it?   

Oh!  Okay.  I should have simply read the restaurant website more closely.  This page has information about Briggs, and she IS a Boonerwrung elder.  

I've looked at the menu.  It looks ideal for Tim, Jack, and me.  They get their meat from decent places, not factory farms.  And if you're still stubborn like me regarding animal flesh, they provide vegetarian options.     

Jack will love the restaurant because they have all kinds of exotic meat.  He loves that kind of stuff.

They have a tasting menu which we love.  The prices are VERY reasonable.  You can get 4 items for $20, 6 for $28, and 8 for $35.   If each of us was going to cost those amounts, it would be a bit much.   But these plates are made for sharing.  Only one thing in the selection is vegetarian, but I'm fine with that. 

Anyway, I think there's a good chance we could love this place.   I hope we remember to go there.

Wait!   Another mistake. I failed again to read carefully enough.  There are TWO non-meat items in the tastings selection.   Awesome.     I think the menu is seasonal though, so they might have totally different food by the time we're there.