Saturday, January 1, 2011

Borrowing Shampoo From an Aussie Blogger

I had my first dreams of 2011.

I have borrowed (without asking) special shampoo from Tiff of Three Ring Circus.   I suddenly remember I've done this, and decide I need to get it back to her.   The shampoo is supposed to be used once a week, and I somehow know that Tiff uses it on Wednesday.  Today is Wednesday.  I go to get the shampoo, and then realize we left it at the lake house, so I can't get it.  

Don't ask me why and how I've managed to swipe a bottle of shampoo all the way from Australia, yet I can't do a thirty minute drive to the lake house.  

I try to decide what to do.  Should I confess my crime, and try to make it up to her?  Should I keep quiet about my crime, and buy her a gift to secretly make up for what I did?  Should I avoid reading her blog so I don't have to see her complain about the missing shampoo?  

I start thinking that since I always speak so righteously about honesty, I should probably try living up to my ideals.

I don't remember what happened next.  If the dream continued, hopefully I did the right thing.   

There was another dream that I liked.  It was kind of just a story I was reading/seeing/experiencing.   But I think it MIGHT have been about an Australian friend.  He was in the dream at other times.   Yeah.  I'm pretty sure it was about him.  And really. They're my dreams, right?  Who's going to argue with me.


A young man leaves his science and math school to go to a mystical type school.  He's there for awhile, but then decides he doesn't have what it takes.  He returns to the math and science school, telling people he doesn't know what he was thinking.  It was a mistake for him to go to the mythical school.  But there's the sense that he's wrong, and eventually he'll realize the mystical school IS where he belongs.   

It kind of reminds me of McLeod's Daughters.  Tess leaves her cafe job in the city to go work on her dead dad's ranch.  She's scared of the big animals. She's not good at handling the rural life.   She makes a fool of herself.  In one episode, she returns to the city....where she assumes she belongs.   But then it ends up she DOES belong in the world of cow and sheep.  She just needed time to adjust.