Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Don't Understand

I don't understand how flood waters recede.  I guess I should have paid more attention in earth science class. Is it just evaporation?  I just didn't imagine it would happen that fast.  

This article says, Water levels will remain high for the rest of the day. Current predictions indicate that floodwater will slowly recede over the weekend.

Does this mean it will start receding over the weekend, and the water will be around for a long time?   Or will the water be almost gone by the weekend?  

Well, if it's going to be gone soon...that's great. Then people can start repairing their lives.

Another thing I don't understand is people not responding to my personal pleas for donations to the flood relief.... ESPECIALLY when I've responded to and fulfilled their requests for donations to their organizations.  Then after not responding to my pleas for help, they have the chutzpah to reach out to ask for OUR help in a personal matter.  Really. What is the deal with that? 
Life really is unfair.  Sometimes it's nature that makes it unfair, but other times it's our fellow humans that make it unfair.

On a positive note, people are being generous.

My parents emailed me yesterday and told me they sent in a donation. That was very nice of them.   My sister emailed to express interest and compassion, and talked about sending in a donation.

I appreciate all of that.


If you look at the flood relief site, they list people and organizations that have donated over 10 thousand dollars.  

I'll list some of the companies I recognize.

Coles (the grocery store) gave one million dollars.  That's really nice.

The Commonwealth Bank gave over a million dollars.  

Virgin Blue gave 250 thousand. I think we flew with them. Maybe to Tasmania, or back from Tasmania?  Tim would remember.   I forget. 

There's much more.

Then there's companies that have committed to making large donations.  I guess they've made a promise, but haven't written the check yet?

The governments of some of the other Australian states are making big donations.  So far, New South Wales is giving the most....a million dollars.

Qantas is giving 500 thousand.  

David Jones is giving 250 thousand.  We like that least their food court.  

Harvey Norman might be trying to make up for his controversial past. He's donating 200 thousand.   I think that's good. 

McDonalds says they're going to be giving 50 thousand.  That's the only American company I recognize on the list.

Oh wait. General Electric is there too.  They're American.

I hope to see more celebrities....American, Australian, and whatever. I'm sure some of them have enough money to give at least 10 thousand.

I'll keep checking back to see the list.