Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Forgot Sydney

Before I was a mom I was a teacher.  I didn't teach long....only three years (as a paid teacher). For some reason, the kids I had my last year in NYC really captured my heart.  

During Christmas, Jack and I took a walk.  I started talking about this particular class.  It's a very lucky moment in life when you suddenly have the desire to reminisce, and you happen to have someone nearby who's eager to listen.  Jack liked hearing about the preschoolers, so I shared what I remembered.

Flash forward a few weeks later....

Last night:

I was thinking in the middle of the night, and somehow my brain got back onto the subject of the preschool. I realized I had TOTALLY forgotten a child. Not only did I forget her when talking to Jack that one time, but on occasions when I thought of the class, I don't think I usually remembered this child.

Her name?



How in the world do I forget Sydney?

My goodness.

I don't remember much about her, except that she was petite, sweet, and adorable.

Not only is her first name significant in my life, but her last name plays a big part as well.

Why would I forget that?  

It's almost like a memory block.

After I remembered Sydney, I thought that I should rummage through this box we have in our closet. It's full of memory stuff. I was thinking maybe I'd find a class picture from that year.

I woke up, and totally forgot about it.

Then right after I had written the previous post, Jack came over and said he wanted to show me something.  I told him I had to pee first. He said that's okay, because it's on the way to the toilet.

He brought me into the closet, and pointed to the exact box I had been thinking about last night.


He wanted to know if I had written a story in there.

We went through the box.  Sadly, I didn't find the class picture. I found a picture from the same school; another year. And we found some of Jack's Museum School photos.  

We both got bored and tired, and didn't make it through the whole box.   The photo might be in there somewhere.  

I just think the whole story is very strange.   

You know, I should probably dig deeper into that box. All these hidden memories and coincidences. It probably means I should actually take time to do some digging.