Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Think I Have My Solution

Thank you for the thousands of people who provided their input regarding my dilemma. 

Okay.  I'll stop exaggerating.  There were actually only four people. 

Anyway, those four people seemed to all agree that they liked both types of posts.  Oh, and then there's Tim.  He prefers the "My Week" type post.

One person emailed me and suggested I do the "My Week" post once a week, and then write the other types of posts.  At first, I dismissed the idea. I liked the idea of writing one of these posts every day.

But now I realize I agree with him.  First of all, My Week sounds better than My Day.  At least I think so. 

I think also there will be less pressure to have an action packed days every day. And for people who really hate the My Week post, it will pop up on their reader/email only once a week vs seven times a week.  Although I'll still be spamming them with my other crap.   Well, I guess if they really don't like my crap, they can unsubscribe.  

This is probably a good compromise. 

I'm going to take down the poll, since I think I have things figured out.