Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Flood Stuff

I just watched another home movie clip on the Australian Screen website. This one is about the Maitland floods of 1955.  At 1:44 there's a guy playing photographer. He seems entertained by what he sees.

In The Spell Book of Listen Taylor, Sydney has a freak snow storm and the city responds with advice and information.  The book says, Also they pointed out that snow was designed to be "fun" so nobody should panic if it should happen again.

I love the idea of snow being designed specifically for fun.  That's cute.  And it IS fun.  But it can also be dangerous.

There's a bit of beauty in all types of natural disasters.  They can be quite magnificent. But it's a bit better to watch them in a fictional movie than to experience them in real life.  I mean it would be fantastic to see a huge Tsunami wave coming towards you. But after it killed you and your family, it wouldn't be so nice anymore.

Lord Wiki describes the destruction caused by the flooding of the Hunter River in 1955.  58 homes were washed away. 103 had damage that was beyond repair.  2180 homes were invaded by water.

I'm not sure I fully understand those figures.  Does the 103 include the 58? Does the 2180 include the 103 and 58?

Oh well. I guess it doesn't matter too much.

Let's just say bad things happened in the flood.

I would be devastated if my house had water damage. I get upset when we have a small leak.

My parents are dealing with thousands of dollars worth of water damage right now.  This wasn't due to crazy weather.  It was a faulty ice-machine, or something like that.   

Once our toilet overflowed.  The water went through the floor, and dripped down into our laundry room.  That was awful.  Since then, Tim has taught me that when you see the water rising in the toilet, turn off the water.  That helps.

I was curious to see if Fort Worth has had any major floods.  I remember a friend telling me of one, but maybe it didn't happen in Fort Worth. Maybe she lived somewhere else. 

I found information about a flood in 1949.  It was quite destructive. This website says a thousand buildings were destroyed. Yikes.

When we lived in St. Louis, our house had a nice creek in the backyard. I remember it flooding, and we thought that was cool.  As far as I know, it wasn't a big threat. 

Here's our old house on Google Maps.   Unfortunately, you can't see the creek because it was in the backyard.  But you CAN see where we used to ride our bikes.