Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Norfolk

Today, I saw this painting on National Library of Australia website.  I think it's incredibly beautiful.   It's from New Norfolk in Tasmania.  I've heard of Norfolk Island, but not this Norfolk place.  

Maybe we'll go there.  Google Maps says it's only a 30 minute drive from Hobart.   

Here's the New Norfolk website.   They have a photo of the area that somewhat resembles the old painting.

Where does the name Norfolk come from? Is there a Mr. Norfolk?  Or is there a place in the UK with that name? 

Lord Wiki says there's a Norfolk county in England.  I think that's the original Norfolk, and then there's a bunch of other ones.  Lord Wiki lists six in America. 

The New Norfolk site has a page of now and then photos.  I like looking at these types of things. It's fun to see the changes, and also to see how some things are preserved.   

Oh!  I wonder if there's a mistake here. Or maybe it's a joke. There's an old-looking black and white photo of Veranda's Restaurant.  That's the "then" photo.  It's labeled as being from 1995.  I'm GUESSING they meant 1895.

Lord Wiki says New Norfolk has Australia's oldest hotel; The Bush Inn Hotel.  

If we drive from Hobart to New Norfolk, we can stop at the Cadbury Factory in Claremont.    My  cousin and her family went there when they were on their cruise.  It sounds like the Jelly Belly attraction we saw in Wisconsin.   You don't really get to see the working factory. You are educated about making candy though, and then you get to buy and eat some. I'll have to ask my cousin if she thinks it's worth stopping for or not.