Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh No! I Changed My Mind Again

I started doing a My Week post, and it's already getting long.  I've been awake only for three hours.   By the end of the week, it might be novel length.  SO,  I'm going to go back to the idea of doing a My Day post.

I'll take notes during the day, and post the post before I go to bed.

The thing is I find myself writing a few sentences about each item. I don't want to write a long blog post about some things, but then I often want to say at least a few things. 

I started worrying that what would happen is I'd end up having only one post a week, and that one post would be too long for anyone to want to read. 

I like having a post everyday, or at least most days.  On the other hand, I'd like to get out of the habit of writing tons of posts a day.  I think once I start opening myself up to writing posts, I end up getting a bit compulsive about it.  Okay, honestly that's one of the main reasons I took the break last week.   I kept telling myself I was going to limit what I wrote, or not write any posts that day. The next thing I knew I had written multiple posts.   

What's going to be a struggle for me is deciding what to put in the My Day post, and what to write in a regular blab-on-and-on post.  I think allowing myself to write a few sentences for each thing (if I feel like it) will help.

For example, I dreamed about my cousin in Australia last night.  There wasn't enough meat in that story to do a whole blog post about it. If I reached hard enough, I'm sure I could come up with an excuse to turn it into a blog post. But that would probably be wasting my time, and wasting the time of anyone who decides to read it.

BUT I jotted a quick note about it on the My Week post.  I dreamed about my cousin that lives in Australia.   I didn't give details, so it might sound kind of ominous....well, especially to my cousin if she happens to read it.   She might think I dreamed something awful.   But I was trying to keep it short, so the My Week post wouldn't get overly long.  Now that I'm doing My Day posts instead, I feel okay with making things a little longer.  

I know. I'm being a bit ridiculous and annoying. Sorry!