Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prime Ministers

Kevin Rudd is my favorite former Prime Minister right now.  He risked infection to help people in the flood.  That's pretty awesome.  AND he passed out anti-bacterial gel.   That is SO something my dad would do.   If my dad was going to do something helpful in a disaster (besides write a check) it would be passing out little bottles of Purell.  

I like Australian Prime Ministers in general though. Or maybe I should just say I'm interested in them.  

I've been creating new neighbors for my Sims.  Each day I create a new family, and name them after a Prime Minister.  Today's family was inspired by Joseph Cook.  Tomorrow I'm going to be doing the Hughes family.  

I also named a Sim after Julian Assange.  But then one person from my Sims family married him, so he's now Julian Winter.  He likes painting, chess, and bass playing.   He and his wife Gabriela just had their second child. His name's Edward.  Oh, and Gabriela comes from the future. Her mother brought her back as a souvenir from a time traveling adventure.  

Back to the Prime Minister thing. I like looking at the National Archives Prime Minister site

This week, for some reason, I've been interested in who was Prime Minister when various people in my life were born.  

Three of my grandparents: Billy Hughes.

One of my grandfathers: Hughes or Stanley Bruce.  I'm not sure.

My parents: Ben Chifley

Tim: Harold Holt

My older sister: John Gorton

My older Brother-in-law and myself: William McMahon

My younger brother-in-law: Gough Whitlam.  I missed him by only a few weeks

My younger sister: Malcolm Fraser

Jack and my two nieces: John Howard

My oldest nephew: Kevin Rudd

My youngest nephew: Julia Gillard

Our cats: John Howard

Our fish that lasted only a few weeks: Kevin Rudd

This is totally geeky of me, but I'd love to get to the point where I see a date and know who was Prime Minister at that time.  That would make me very proud of myself.