Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why I Shouldn't Make Plans

I've been reading my old posts. 

Lately I've been reading stuff from September 2008.  There's a few posts where I make grand plans for our February 2009 Australia trip.

It's funny reading it, because we didn't do most of the stuff I said we'd do.

In this post, I had grand plans for Manly.  We would go beyond the obvious touristy areas we visited in 2007.

That didn't happen.

I think we went to the same area of Manly in 2009 that we went to in 2007.

We did try a new ice-cream place, and maybe a new restaurant.  That might count for something.   

In this post, I listed eleven places we could visit in Sydney.  We went to five and missed six.

To my credit, I didn't say we'd definitely go to these places.  They were just ideas.

But still.....

I'm thinking it's best to not make plans and just go with the flow.

Or maybe now I'm more into making plans of what I want to DO rather than planning on places to visit.

For me visiting Australia is becoming more about the experience and less about seeing specific sites.'s my list for now.

I want to feed parrots and see wild ones.  

I want to hear adorable Aussie accents all around me.

I want to buy and eat lots of Australian candy.

I want to browse bookstores and see Australian books.

I want to watch Australian TV.

I want to have picnics in the park.

I want to take long walks.   

I want to see old friends and make new friends.

As for planning to actually GO to Australia....

Who knows when that will happen.

I feel I jinx myself by talking about it.   So I don't think I'll talk about it until we have purchased plane tickets.

Or maybe I'll wait until we're actually in Australia.

If I'm really paranoid about the jinx, maybe I'll wait until we're HOME from Australia to mention it on my blog.

I doubt I'd be that paranoid......

Yeah, but anyway.

Hopefully we'll go back to Australia someday. 


HappyOrganist said...

Looks like a good list. I really hope you get to go (and I can totally relate to the paranoia over the jinxing thing ;( )

Hope you get to go and have a good time. ♥♥♥

FruitCake said...

The 'foreign' place I've enjoyed most was Florence. We stayed for over a week in one of those private B&Bs you find by waiting at the station til someone comes and offers accommodation.
We found a favourite restaurant and got to know our way around and started to take some ownership of the place. And after the first touristy look at the Duomo I just kept going back day after day to listen to the bells. Just being able to imagine myself living there contentedly gave me a feeling of being at home.
Generally, travel works best for me when I get to live somewhere for a while, and get an idea of how the locals pass the time, local attitudes, stuff they really like themselves that's not really touristy. What's a big day out for the locals as opposed to a big day out for the tourists. Meeting people or having some little incident that will forever be associated with a place.

Your list sounds a bit like that. It would work for me [though seriously, it is a long way to travel just to watch Australian TV. I live here and I avoid it like the plague].

Come on down!

Dina said...

HappyOrganist: Thank you! Yeah...the jinxing thing.

Fruitcake: I love the feeling of taking ownership of a place. I agree it's much better than visiting tourist sites.