Sunday, June 17, 2012

Parrots and Voices

I dreamed about Australia last night.

We're looking for a place to stay in Australia.  I find a listing for an apartment that has uncaged rosellas. They just roam about the apartment.  Tim is weary about the whole thing, but opens his mind about it when he sees I like the idea.  He jokes that he'll have to cook after all.  I ask him why.   He points out that the listing says one of the parrots loves to eat a certain gourmet chicken dish.  

Then I woke up because someone standing next to the bed called my name.  I was very startled and called out something.  I forgot what I said, but it was something basic like, What? 

I looked to see who was there.

And there was nothing. 

It was just a dream.


The first thing I thought was.  What if I'm one of those people who can hear dead people? Maybe it was a ghost waking me up.

That would be kind of cool, but also very scary.

The good news is they disappeared once I was fully awake.    It would be less scary to be a medium if I only heard the voices when in a trance or sleep state. 

Oh! The other good news is the voice sounded very nice....polite.   She kind of sounded like one of my old high school friends.    She seemed kind of embarrassed to be waking me up. 

Now that I think of it.   I'm wrong about the first good news.   If the voice was scary; it probably wouldn't help to hear it only when half-asleep.   Then I'd probably develop a fear of sleeping.


I doubt the disembodied voice was a ghost. 

What I probably had was a hypnagogic of those things that happen when we're inbetween the sleep and awake stage.  


  1. We do not cook rosellas very often here. We do have a sauce that has a Rosella brand name, but it is primarily made of tomato. On the other hand we do call it dead horse. And it is often eaten on a dog's eye. [Preferably not upside down in a bowl of pea soup unless you are from a particular state where people do strange things like that].

    Did the ghost say something like "I am the ghost of strange repast?" If not, then strange your dream started with food and ended with you waking up. It might have been indigestion brought on by eating a rosella dunked in a bucket of pea soup.

  2. Fruitcake:

    I think your comment is even weirder than my dream.

    You might be on the right path with the indigestion hypothesis.