Sunday, June 10, 2012


I just watched this clip from Bananas in Pyjamas.

Some teddy bears don't like Tuesday because the bananas chase them on Tuesday. They decide to fix things by getting rid of Tuesday on the calender.

I thought it was funny because lately we've been LOVING Tuesday.


It's the day the Mr. Softee man comes to our neighborhood. 

Two Tuesdays ago, Jack and I were inside the house and heard eerie loud music.  We ran to the window and saw the truck. Unfortunately we weren't dressed (because we're lazy sometimes).  We rushed to put clothes and shoes on; then ran outside.  We ran and ran and ran, but were unable to catch up with the truck.

We caught up with some people who had more luck and they told us the Mr. Softee Man will be driving by every Tuesday.

So the next Tuesday the three of us got dressed and put money by the door so we'd be ready.  We were unsure of the time he'd be coming because we didn't pay enough attention the last time. So we had a lot of waiting, and Jack was ready to give up. But Mr. Softee did come and we enjoyed our ice-cream.  

I was wondering about ice-cream trucks in Australia.   I vaguely remember one coming by when we were at a holiday park.  But maybe I just dreamed that.

Anyway, I found a website for a Mr. Whippy Van.   He has ice-cream plus other stuff. You can get fairy floss and jam donuts.   Fun!

In an Aussie book I read recently, a bunch of children die by getting ice-cream from a vendor.   Then there's been other horror stories involving ice-cream trucks.  Charmed had one.  Maybe Medium did as well? 

So although I was excited, I was also a little paranoid.  I came up with a code for Jack. I said if the truck doesn't look safe to me, I'm going to suggest he get a pre-wrapped treat. 

I worried that perhaps it wasn't a Mr. Softee (which I think you can usually probably trust) and instead some random person who might be a demon or serial killer.  

But it ended up looking okay, and we survived our ice-cream experience.

In two more days, it's Tuesday again!

Does an ice-cream truck come to your neighborhood?   Do you ever buy anything?

Do you have any happy ice-cream truck childhood memories?