Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My parents are in Arnhem in the Netherlands.

Because of my dad's request, I did some research and found out there's a connection between the Arnhem in the Netherlands and Arnhem Land in Australia.

The sad thing is I didn't connect them on my own. 

Maybe I vaguely recognized the connection. 

I hope so. 

I have definitely heard of Arnhem Land, and I knew it was in the Northern Territory.

But when I saw the name of the town, I didn't immediately say, Oh, like in Australia!

I'm very disappointed in myself about that. If you couldn't tell.....

Anyway, Arnhem land is named after a Dutch ship called Arnhem. And that ship is named after the town in the Netherlands.

I shared that information with my dad.  He didn't express any interest or excitement over it.

I thought it was exciting...personally.

And I'm sharing it here in case someone else finds it interesting.

I'm imagining my dad was hoping I'd get on the path of learning about something besides Australia.   Instead, it led me right back to Australia.

On balance, though, A LOT of my Australia research takes me on paths leading to subjects that are not heavily Australia-based.

For example, several months ago, I ended up spending hours reading about marijuana. And it was my Australia obsession and this blog that led me there. 

That's only one example out of many.   


FruitCake said...

Oooo-Kaaay... I've obviously missed the link between marijuana and Australia. I'm sure you don't think were all dopes down here, so it must be something else.

Dina said...



I looked into it twice, actually. Now that I remember.

Once it was connected to a politician. I think? I ended up looking at the connection between marijuana and early psychosis.

Then another time my Tallygarunga adventures led me there. I ended up looking at marijuana's effect on depression.