Monday, July 14, 2014

The Australian Restaurant

We went to an Australian restaurant tonight. Name: The Australian

The food was very good.

Tim and I both agreed that we liked our pies better than the pies we've had in Australia.

But I started thinking, when we eat pies in Australia, they're not at the type of places you'd expect great food. It's usually places like zoos and museums.

I mean the pies weren't bad at any of these places. They were decent enough. But they weren't like Oh! Wow this is really good.

Well, actually. If we were in Australia, we'd say Wow! This is really nice.

When we got to the restaurant, they were playing a song, and we weren't sure if it was Australian or not. I had heard the song many times before, but didn't know what it was. Since Jack and Tim were unfamiliar with the song, we figured it's likely it was Australian.  I'm not sure I know a lot of American or British music that Tim and/or Jack wouldn't know.

They also played some American songs we all knew. And there were songs I've never heard of before. It could have been Australian? It's not like I've heard of every Australian song out there.

What else?

The restaurant was sports-themed. They had some game going on. It was Australian. I think the TV said NSW vs. Queensland? But then on the screen it said soccer.  That confused me. I didn't think Australians use that term.

For dessert, we had Pavlova. I thought it was okay. I much preferred the Pavlova our friend made us in Halls Gap.

The one at The Australian was like a meringue cookie with whip cream and fruit on top. The one our friend made us had a softness to it. Like there were parts that were sort of creamy? I don't know.  But she said hers didn't come out right. So maybe the one at the restaurant is how it's supposed to be, and I just prefer failed Pavlovas.

One of the other desserts they offer is Tim Tams.  I was very curious what that involved so I asked the waitress. She said it comes with ice-cream.  That made me even more curious, but she was quite busy at that time, and I didn't want to bother her with a thousand questions. But I'm wondering—what kind of ice-cream? Probably vanilla. Right? Okay, but what kind of Tim Tams then? Just plain?  Or do they give you a variety? And how many do you get?  Are the Tim Tams crumbled into the ice-cream? Or do you get a plate of Tim Tams with a bowl of ice-cream on the side?

As for the waitress. Tim asked where she was from. She said Townsville. Then Tim asked me where that was, which was a nice compliment. I liked that he expected me to know. And I did. I said it was in north Queensland. Then we chatted a very short while. The waitress said she's an American citizen. Why? She was born in Hawaii. I told her that's like Nicole Kidman. This information was new to her...or at least she pretended it was new. Though why would you fake ignorance about something like that?

Then when she left, I thought, what if I'm wrong about Townsville? What if it's in Tasmania and I am totally confused. Tim was very nice and promoted my Australia love...even my TV appearance. So it would be funny if I totally got it wrong and she walked away thinking, what a bunch of dumb Americans.  

Anyway...I took some photos. I tried uploading them before and the internet was too slow. But I'm going to try again.

Tim's beer

The outside of the restaurant

Tim and Jack's food

My dinner! Yum!

The Pavlova