Tuesday, September 2, 2014

But How Did We Get Here?

Last night I had three Australia-related dreams.

The first: Tim, Jack, and I are on the Star Wars ride. Then we're in the Star Wars store. I look around and come to a table full of Koala and other Aussie animal merchandise. I think about how it's amazing we're actually in Australia again. We're here! We're really here. But then I try to remember the plane ride, and I can't remember a single thing about it.  How did we get to Australia?  I then realize we're in a dream. I share this information with Tim and Jack, and then tell them we can go anywhere since this is a dream. But as I'm telling them this, in the back of my mind, I'm thinking that it's highly likely that Tim and Jack aren't really here with me.

The Second: I am doing some type of quiz. There's a question about Australia. It asks who was the Prime Minister in 1961. The answers are in the form of photographs, but they're hard to see and interpret. I pick one photo and it ends up being wrong. The right answer is Gough Whitlam. 

I woke up after this dream and thought about how my conscious mind knows that Gough Whitlam wasn't Prime Minister in 1961, but my sub-conscious thought otherwise. I would have thought our subconscious knows more than our conscious. I mean I know our subconscious distorts reality, and then we get crazy dreams from it. But in terms of facts, there's that idea that we may forget something, but it's buried deep in our subconscious.

Why did my subconscious think Whitlam was the Prime Minister in 1961? Or was it just playing a joke on me?  OR maybe my subconscious is connected to an alternate reality in which Whitlam WAS the Prime Minister in 1961. And maybe in this reality, the Star Wars ride and store are in Australia rather than Orlando, Florida.

Then in the third dream: I am somewhere with a lot of people.  Maybe we're in some type of hallway. It feels kind of like a cocktail party. Steve Irwin and some other crocodile-loving celebrity are there. They stand near me talking to each other. I'm excited to be see them, but am also feeling quite starstruck.